Friday, January 26, 2018

My Madison

So I know I've talked about this on social media so forgive me for blogging about it but...this is my space to write what I want to write :) so that's what I'm doing. Also I know there are several people who read here that don't follow me on social media so....
On Wednesday night my precious Madison had a small seizure. It really terrified me. I happened to be looking at Madison right as it began. At first I wasn't sure what was going on. I think I even said "Madison, what are you doing?"  But then it worsened and I knew for sure she was clearly having a seizure. I screamed for Scott because I was paralyzed to move. He scooped Madison up (which we've sense learned you aren't supposed to do) and held her until she stopped then I grabbed her and literally jumped in my car and sped away to the vet. This was about 6:15 and our vet (which just so happens to be really close to our house) closes at 6:00 so I knew I would have to go to the emergency clinic which is about 25 minutes away. I thought I would drive by our vet just to see if the gates were open and thankfully they were so I ran in with Madison asking for help and everyone was so kind and gracious and stopped what they were doing to help us. They took some vitals and checked her over and her blood work came back perfect and she was acting as if nothing had ever happened. They kind of just shrugged their shoulders and said there is no way to really know why that happened. She may never do it again even. So we left without any answers and were only instructed to keep a close eye on her for the next 24 hours and if she did it again then we may be having a problem. Happy to report she has been 100%. 
I know she didn't eat anything unusual, hasn't taken any medication or heart worm medicine recently, and to my knowledge, hasn't had any kind of head injury. She will climb on tall things and jump down which makes me nervous (this same day she somehow managed to jump on top of my kitchen cabinets because she is super sporty and kind of amazingly athletic for such a tiny little thing). I've more been worried she would break a leg though than bump her head. But maybe she climbed up on something and bumped her head getting down? The boys are really gentle and loving with the girls so I know they couldn't have possibly accidently hurt her. I just don't know. I'm basically home with them all day and the girls are my shadow so they're always around, mostly just laying on the sofa or, in Madison's case, asking me to throw her toys so she can fetch them. 
Anyways, it broke my heart to see her do that. I worry about something happening to my girls but something like this has never crossed my mind. Madison is truly just the sweetest little dog. Her eyes remind me of a Precious Moments character. They are big and brown and full of love when they're looking at you. Ivy is our protector. She is the alpha and very bossy but also nurturing and a caretaker. Madison....she's just there to love you and receive love in return....and play fetch. She also loves to have her neck kissed. I just love this girl and I hope she doesn't give me a scare like this ever again.

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