Friday, February 9, 2018

Breakfast Plans

Moving right along with my design series and today I want to talk about one of my favorite rooms--the breakfast area! I am super excited about this room for a number of reasons. We don't have a breakfast area now so we're getting all new furniture for this space which is fun. Also, I have always longed for my family to sit at the table together and have dinner. It's how I grew up and I have a lot of guilt in not doing that with my own family. Our current dining room table isn't kid friendly. We eat there for special occasions only and Scott always pulls out beach towels to cover the chairs and rug. Currently, the boys sit at a little table and eat together while Scott and I sit at the bar. So when we talked over our design plans with Marla, I really stressed to her how important it was for my family to be able to eat together at the same table. That means we need a kid friendly eating situation. Not only did she understand but she completely agreed! She came up with the perfect solution for us and I couldn't be more thrilled with it.
This is almost identical to what our breakfast area will look like. This is a home that Scott put in the Parade of Homes a few years ago (which he swept the awards for...just had to brag on him for a quick minute!) and Marla and her team at Bassett staged the home for Scott. Since our kitchen area is basically the same as this, and she really loved the way she designed this space for the parade, she wanted to do the same thing for our home. So essentially this is exactly what it will look like. Same table, same sideboard and etagere, just a few changes with the fabrics and rug.
We are doing different fabric for the head chairs. The grey velvet will be on the outside and the plaid fabric will be on the inside. The plaid has some pale blue in it but you can't really tell from the photograph. The other chairs will look just like the photo above. Now how is that kid friendly you ask? Well, I'll tell you. We ordered two solid wood chairs for the boys to use. When company comes we can move them to either side of the sideboard but for everyday life, we'll just have them at the table. This way the boys can eat their dinner and if they spill we can just wipe the chair off. No more stress that they may mess up the fabric and now we can come to the table to have family dinners together. This makes me really happy. 
Marla also chose this rug for us to put under our table. This rug is the exact same type of rug as the ones we are putting in our playroom. The kind where apparently you can take them out to your driveway and hose them down if they get spilled on. Perfect! And I looooove this rug. It's so beautiful and maybe my favorite rug ever.
We are putting this art above the sideboard (see first photo for the sideboard we're getting) plus the lamps and horse. An Etagere will be placed on the opposite wall of the sideboard and I'm sure Marla will bring all sorts of pretty things to fill it up with.
So here it is essentially. Our breakfast nook. It will look almost identical to this with a few little changes and I just love it. The doors that lead out to the patio are different in our home than the home in the photo above. There is one less door and the one door we have is a French door. Other than that it's the same space. We're also adding window treatments on that back window. We're using the ones we have in our living room now and putting them in our breakfast area. Super pleased with everything and can't wait to see it all come together!!

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