Thursday, February 22, 2018

Store Up Your Treasures

These two. Oh my goodness what they do to my heart. I can't even imagine my day to day without my cute sidekicks. I had a moment yesterday while I was driving to my bible study. I realized (not for the first time, of course) just how much I love this sweet stage of life. We are frequent visitors of this building, this sidewalk. We're here four days a week. Twice for MDO, once for my bible study and also every Sunday. One of these days the three of us will only come here together once a week. The boys will be in real school and no longer in mothers day out. I will come to my bible study alone because I won't need childcare. It will just be Sundays that we're here together. It gave me a lump in my throat when I realized that because I know it will happen in the blink of an eye. I absolutely love this sweet stage where we're in this building all the time. It's such a precious, innocent time in our lives. 
I'm not sure Campbell has ever had a year where he's loved "school" more. Maybe he's just old enough to be able to really express it or maybe this really is his favorite year. He asks me every single day if he can go to school and he has made so many new friends this year. He loves his teachers, learning, and simply just being there. His school days are his favorite days. He is too excited to walk into his classroom to realize I would like a hug goodbye. It always makes me and his teachers laugh that he totally blows me off while I'm bent down trying to get a goodbye hug. When I arrive to pick him up he sometimes tells me he needs a minute. Ha! What a mess. It makes my heart so, so, so happy that he loves this place so much and feels as if this is like a second home to him.
And then there's Bennett. He's the same. He LOVES his teachers. He sees them and walks to them with his hands held up, asking them to hold him. Bennett is currently in a stage where he LOVES singing his sweet little worship songs. It's literally his current favorite thing by. far. They sent me videos of him today singing them and doing the little motions (I posted on my IG stories) and I think I will treasure those videos forever. I've probably watched them a dozen times. Bennett has watched them 84 dozen times. He LOVES watching videos of himself but when you couple videos of himself singing his favorite songs....well that's just the golden ticket for him. He took my iPhone battery from about 80% to 19% today watching these videos over and over and over. He cried when I pulled my phone out of his hands so I could charge it. 
Yes it's just a sweet stage. Full of love and Jesus and innocence and good friends. I will treasure this stage forever. 

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