Thursday, March 15, 2018

Campbell's Big Boy Room Plans

Final design series and finishing with Campbell's new big boy room! We did this one on our own so I'm hoping it turns out looking okay! Haha!! We really wanted to do Restoration Hardware for this room. We've done both of our boys rooms in RH and we just love the look. Plus, we're still using some RH pieces of furniture from Campbell's room so it made since to continue with that same look. You can check out Campbell's nursery and toddler room HERE and HERE.
This is where we started with Campbell's bedroom. I still love it to this day. We bought the toddler conversion kit (best decision ever) so this has carried us a long way! We are going to continue to use Campbell's dresser. I love it and didn't want to change it so we kind of worked around his dresser.
There were a few beds that were the same wash as Campbell's dresser but I wasn't in love with any of them so we decided to go iron. I struggled with this decision. I was sooooo close to pulling the trigger on ordering Campbell this cool tent bed from RH. The frame on it matched his dresser and Scott and I went back and forth and spent way too many hours discussing it. Practicality ended up winning the decision so we went with this industrial, iron bed instead. I do love it and I know he will get many, many years out of this bed.
Scott and I loved these appliqued dog prints and since Campbell LOVES dogs, we thought this would be fun and make sense for him. They had so many cute "theme" options but at the end of the day, we wanted to do what Campbell loves so dogs it is! We ordered these four prints to go over his dresser.
This is what Campbell's bedding will look like including the adorable dog pillow! Super basic but we liked it and feel like it will carry him a long time. Whenever he decides he's over the dog thing, we can easily switch him to something else while keeping the basic pieces.
We're putting this star rug in his room to make it young and fun! We also ordered some neat accessories to add to the mix but I'll save that for when we get photos of his room all put together. Overall, I'm excited about Campbell's big boy room. I think he'll love it (I hope so at least!) and be able to grow into it for many, many years. I'm crossing my fingers that everything I picked out mixes well together! Heaven knows I spent a bajillion years on it so if I'm not pleased with the outcome I'll be super annoyed with myself!! Ha!!

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