Friday, March 16, 2018


Ivy and Madison will be six years old tomorrow! Next year we're going to have to start buying them "mature adult" food. What!? Honestly, I get a little sad every time they turn another year older. Time with dogs isn't enough time. These two are the sweetest little duo and life would not be as entertaining if they weren't in it.
These sweet girls have all of our hearts. We all call them "the girls." Even Bennett does! These last few months Madison has turned into such a little savage with the boys food. They turn their heads for one second and she's up on their table getting after their plate of food. You'd think we didn't feed her! She is such a mess and when she isn't stealing food, she's asking you to throw her mini tennis ball. Madison sleeps on my pillow. I use the term "sleeps" lightly because I'm pretty sure she's an insomniac. Any time I open my eyes in the middle of the night, she's looking at me. I'm convinced she only sleeps when we leave the house.
Ivy has taken it upon herself to be the protector of our family. She's the boss but loves the fiercest. Ivy loves her people, her dog bed, and taking the boys to school. She and Madison both love to go for a run with me and the boys. However, they don't run the traditional dog way. Nope. They ride in the basket of the jogging stroller. We attract a lot of attention and I'm pretty sure it's because of the two cute dogs in the basket. They know what my running shoes look like. They get excited when I put them on and if the boys are going, they are too. Don't even think about leaving them out.
Oh my sweet girls. How I love them. They bark a lot but they're perfect. Happy Birthday Madison and Ivy!!

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