Tuesday, March 27, 2018


The previous two years Campbell's birthday fell over the weekend so we were able to celebrate his actual birthday with a big birthday party. It felt special and I loved it. This year, since his birthday was on a Monday, I tried to think of a fun way we could make it feel like a special day.
Scott and I had some presents sitting out for him to find in the morning and Campbell thought that was so exciting. He also thought Santa brought them and we decided to just roll with it. I made Campbell his favorite breakfast, cinnamon rolls, then we lounged around the house until lunch time and I took the boys to Chick Fil A. We stopped on the way to snap a few photos because I have to get photos of my boys on their birthday, obviously! We didn't have much time and the wind was blowing hard but I ended up with a few cute ones of my big four year old!
After lunch I thought it would be fun to take Campbell to Dilly Dally's, a local toy store, to pick something out. Both of the boys had fun playing in there and Campbell walked away with a Toy Story coloring pad. It rained the rest of the day so it was a little uneventful and I felt bad. However, we ended it on a high note and had a pizza picnic in our theater room while we watched Up. We don't have any furniture in there yet and the boys thought the picnic was so much fun. We've also never seen Up and it was so cute and all four of us really enjoyed it. It was a really simple evening but it was so special to me. I think because the boys loved it so much.
Campbell LOVES birthdays and birthday parties so he was eating up his special day. I asked him if it felt like his birthday and he said yes and it was the best day ever so I was glad he felt that way. We have all consumed so much sugar in the last few days but we squeezed in one last bit of frosting so Campbell could blow out his birthday candles on his decorated cookie.
Overall such a good day celebrating our boy. It was just the four of us, but it was great and I can't believe my baby is four now. Time flies.

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