Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday Campbell!!

Campbell is four years old today. Hard to believe. I can remember those baby days, in detail, like they happened four minutes ago. Oh how I love the soul of this sweet boy. He has seemed so much more grown up just in the last few weeks. I can't really explain how other than he's just growing up and his personality is reflecting that.
On Saturday we had Campbell's birthday party. He said several times while we were there that it was his "favorite birthday party ever." He had so many of his little friends come to celebrate with him and it made him so happy. Campbell loves his friends.
Campbell wanted a Paw Patrol party. He didn't care what activities were involved so I brainstormed and thought since Campbell loves baking that it would be fun to have a baking party of some sort. I ended up calling a local bakery, Ricks Bakery in Fayetteville, and asked them if they allowed parties and to my surprise they said yes! They actually have a special room just for parties and they handle the whole shebang. Literally all I had to do was show up which was soooo awesome especially considering we had just moved out of our house and into a new one the day before. We chose to decorate cookies and cupcakes and it was so much fun!! The kids all had a great time and apparently it was Campbell's "favorite birthday party ever" so I guess he thought it was a success!

Besides Paw Patrol, Campbell loves trains, Peppa Pig, watching movies, working puzzles, playing hide and seek, making pasta, school, singing songs, seeing how high he can jump, playing tag, chocolate coins, reading books, and driving his car. He doesn't have a shy bone in his body and he will talk to anyone he sees. Campbell loves well. He gives out compliments daily and tells everyone "you're my best buddy." Campbell's teachers frequently tell me that his friends are always so happy to see him and he plays so well with others. Hearing this makes me happier than you could imagine and I hope his friends forever feel this way about him. Campbell is just a kind little boy and I pray his heart is always as sweet as it is now.
Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet Campbell. You make me so proud. I love your company and the cute things you say. You are such a delight to be around and I feel so lucky to be your momma!
Four years old!! My favorite four year old ever.

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