Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Little More Each Day

Happy Tuesday everyone. I woke up this morning and my first thought was that I had absolutely no idea what day it was. I didn't know if I could hit my snooze and chill for a minute or if I needed to pop out of bed and get moving. It took me a lot of thinking to figure it out and when I realized it was Tuesday, which is one of our two days a week where we don't have anywhere to be or anything to do, I was relieved. So I hit the snooze an extra time and laid in bed for an extra 10 minutes.
We have had several people in our house today working on some things. It's so crazy how just the tiniest little touches make such a big impact. We had our shutters installed today and they finish out the windows so nicely. We're doing something fun to our powder bathroom and the lady was in here today working on it. She'll be finished on Thursday and I can't wait to show you what we've done!
We still don't have landscaping (whyyyy has it rained SO much this year?) or shutters on the outside of our house. Our bathroom downstairs is missing glass for the shower and the antiqued mirror detailing on the cabinets. Our patio is still missing the grill/outdoor kitchen (because again, rain) and we still have a ways to go on the interior d├ęcor BUT, we're getting there. On all of it. Each day a little more gets done and each day it feels more and more like home. Campbell is LOVING all of the people coming in and out every day. He puts his tool belt on and "helps" with everything. The girls, on the other hand, not so much. Never have I heard this much barking in 2.5 weeks. I called our sweet groomer when we were moving in and asked if I could drop the girls off with her just so they could get out of our hair. They're there again today for their standing grooming appointment and it was perfect timing since so many people are in our house today. Sorry girls, but you just bark too much. They look at me while they're doing it like "don't worry mom, we got this."

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