Monday, April 9, 2018

Finding Our Normal

Wow what a blogging slacker. I can't seem to keep up with all the things, y'all. Please forgive me. Last week felt like we were finally getting a bit settled and home started to feel like home. So I'm hoping that this week gets even more settled and home-like. It takes foreverrrr. Everything has a place but I'm not sure if I like the place it's in. You know what I mean? Everyone is asking me to share photos of the house but it isn't decorated yet so I'm holding off. We have our furniture and we've hung some art on the walls but the little accessories and all of the pieces that pull the home together are just laying out on my dining room table, uncertain of where they belong. It's a mess but hopefully it won't be for long. I'm hosting a bridal shower here at the end of the month and nothing will make you whip your house into place like hosting a party!
This past Saturday was the first Saturday in weeks where life felt normal. If you're new around here, Saturday's are my days to sleep in. Scott gets up with the boys and whisks them away to the playroom where they eat breakfast and leave me alone until I'm ready to get up and moving. It's a beautiful thing. I haven't had my Saturday's in probably two months, not kidding. I have missed my sleep/quiet time so much but this Saturday I was able to partake and it was glorious. Scott took his turn on Sunday.
The boys will be in school an extra day this week so I'm hoping I can take advantage and get a lot done for the house!! My shopping destination of choice is the flea market. We have two here that I really like but you really have to focus when you go which means it's best for the kiddos to be elsewhere. I've already hit it up twice since moving in but every time I go back I see something new. I started shopping at the flea market before Bennett was born to look for little accessories for his room and I loved how it all turned out. I'm doing the same now for the rest of our house and I've already found some awesome items that I'm super excited about. One of these days I'm going to get it all pulled together so I can show you some pics. Promise!

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