Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Candid Childhood

Today was such a nice day because I didn't have anything to do or anything I wanted to do. Scott and I keep talking about how crazy life has been for us for the last 2 months. He works until 10:00 every night, even weekends, and I basically do the same. It's just been a busy season for us but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I think it's about to be over.
I have been spending a lot of time working on decorating the boys playroom. It's kind of been my main focus right now. Last night we finished it (at midnight) and it felt SO good. We still have to get our window seat cushion in but other than that, we're done. Campbell saw it all finished this morning and when I asked him if he liked it he looked at the room in awe and said "I love it, Mommy!" It made me so happy! This space was so important to me and I wanted the boys to love it. I'm glad they do. I love it too. I actually find myself spending my evenings in the playroom once they go to bed instead of our living room. Haha! It's just nice and cozy and I love that I can pop my feet up on the ottoman and chill. I'm going to share some photos of the room soon but here's a little sneak. I got this pic of the boys first thing this morning and it's one of my favorite photos of them together!
This is something I've missed, taking photos of my own kids. I just haven't had time but they were being cute and my camera was sitting right there so I grabbed it, snapped 4 pics, and this one ended up being my favorite. Classic of these two.

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