Monday, April 16, 2018

We're Going To Disney World!

Super excited to say we're going to Disney World! We have been talking about taking the kids for a year and now we're officially going. We started really discussing the trip and looking into details of it in early February and we have just last week finalized our plans. This trip has overwhelmed me like no other trip has!! I feel like I've had to do a ton of research because it seems like if you don't know how to do Disney right then you really mess up. Haha! Maybe I'm overthinking everything but that's the impression I've gotten from others so I have been so worried about making sure I'm doing everything "right." We have been working with a Disney travel agent so that is super helpful but I still feel like there's a lot to know. Like I said I'm probably overthinking it. Either way, I know my boys are going to have the time of their lives and I am so excited to see their sweet faces light up from all of the magic.
We're doing a 4 night stay because we felt like that would be plenty of time. I think any more than that, at this age, would just be too much. We went back and forth (and back and forth and back and forth) on which parks to do and how to do them but we ultimately decided to do our first and last days at Magic Kingdom then do a half day at Animal Kingdom. The resort we're staying at has a "beach" so we're going to spend a half day lounging by the water. We debated hard on Hollywood Studios but ultimately decided Bennett would be bored there. I've been told it's mostly Disney Jr Shows and he just wouldn't sit still for that. Busy boy. I'm glad we're doing two days at MK so we can just enjoy that park and take our time because that's the one we're the most excited about anyway!
We are staying at the Swan/Dolphin resort. This was another one of those decisions that we probably spent too many hours on. Scott and I wanted a suite type situation so we could all get good rest because if you haven't learned this yet, sleep in this family is very important. We didn't want to have a standard room because the boys will be asleep early and Scott and I didn't want to have to hang out in the bathroom until bedtime. Ha! We looked into so. many. options and ultimately decided on the Swan/Dolphin because the rooms looked the best for our situation. Scott and I will have a private room and the boys can sleep on the pull out sofa so I think that will be perfect. Also, you can see the fireworks from the room so that will be fun because I seriously doubt the boys will be up for that. I know everyone thinks vacations are different and your kids stay up late, etc but I KNOW my kids would not be able to handle that. They could handle staying up late, sure, but the next day they would be grouchy bears so it's totally not worth it. And if we just continued to build on lack of sleep day after about a disaster. These kiddos need 12 hours of sleep in order to be happy, rested, and pleasant to be around. So we'll just retreat to our rooms at our usual bedtime then Scott and I will get a few hours to ourselves every night. Sounds perfect to me! 
If you have any Disney tips for me, feel free to leave them in the comments. Just click on the post title and you'll see the box to be able to leave a comment. I've tried to do my research but I know there are some Disney pro's out there who know all the ropes so if you're one of them, share your knowledge with me!!


  1. I’ve always rented a house there to stay so we don’t get early access like you will staying at the Swan/Dolphin so take advantage of that, especially if your kids are early risers. Use the photo pass option so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about taking a photo on your phone all the time or lugging a heavy camera around. Worth the extra money. Download the App for the ride times and fast passes. I love Magic Kingdom the most. Enjoy some Dole Whip....we didn’t know about it until after we had gone there THREE TIMES!! Don’t overschedule yourself, just take it easy, wander through, grab a few rides, catch a parade (boys will love that), grab a yummy treat and don’t expect much at that age. Just have fun and savor the moment of wonder in their eyes. It truly is so magical. ☺️

    1. I have heard about this Dole Whip and I can't wait to try it!! Yes I think we're just going to take it easy and enjoy ourselves. I'm so excited to go!!

  2. Animal Kingdom is my favorite park! Good decision on not doing Hollywood Studios. There's just not enough to do.