Thursday, April 12, 2018

Flea Market

I feel like I've spent my entire days jumping from flea market to flea market since we've moved into our house. I'm searching for some cool and unique stuff for the playroom shelves and also for Campbell's room. When I was decorating Bennett's nursery, I hit up the flea market and antique malls to find items to fill his bookshelves and I love how it turned out. Plus it's so fun searching. It's amazing some of the neat items that I've stumbled upon and even if you don't purchase anything, it's still so fun to look. The art that we chose for the playroom is a circus theme and it has a vintage vibe to it so I wanted to keep that going throughout the room. I'm about 1/3 of the way through but I thought I'd share a pic of some items I've found this week.
We have these built-ins in the playroom and I'm trying to find old toys to decorate them with. I finished three of the shelves this afternoon and I think it looks really cute. I need to live with it a few days before I decide 100% if I want it to remain like this or if I want to switch it up (ha!!) but so far I think I'm liking it. The top shelf is full of old books and I adore the little red wagon. I've found some other little treasures that aren't in this pic that I'm excited about but I'm not sure what I want to do with them yet.
So there's a little sneak of the shelves. I'm hoping I can finish them up this week. We have one more little wall in the room that we're going to hang some stuff on then after we finish that, the room will be complete. It's all coming together and it's so colorful and fun, like a playroom should be! The boys are loving it and I'm enjoying it as well!!

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