Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Getting Settled

Hello! Is this thing still on? I have taken an accidental blogging break. It has just been so chaotic with the move but today I finally felt settled. We've been eating basically every meal out or gotten food to-go the last two weeks. Nothing has felt normal. Even at our old house I had started packing it up a few days before we moved so it was kind of crazy over there too. Last week I was so homesick. My house just felt like a mess. It wasn't cozy and I couldn't find anything. I just longed for my home to feel like home. Every day it's slowly gotten there and today, when I woke up, it felt like home. I went to the grocery store yesterday and planned out our meals for the week. I've been cooking, we've been eating family meals at our new table together, most of our stuff has a place, and it's all just coming together. I even managed to take all four of my little people on a run around our neighborhood this morning for the first time. It felt wonderful. We are all really enjoying living here so far!
The girls have had slight anxiety. The first week they were very confused. Even now they seem a little concerned when we leave the house without them but they're getting more used to it. We have squirrels, deer, birds and even a cat that hang out in our backyard and it's almost more than the girls excitement can handle. They aren't used to "wild" life and they are loving that aspect of our new house. Madison basically sits in front of our back patio door all day looking out of the window.
The boys have done great from day one. The first night we were here they didn't have beds yet so they had to sleep on their nap mats and even Bennett slept all night without ever getting up. Maybe he can handle a big boy bed sooner than I thought! Bennett's room is completely decorated minus hanging up his curtains (we have to get them hemmed) and Campbell's room is slowly getting there. His bed has been unexpectedly delayed so he's sleeping on a mattress on the floor, not that he minds or cares at all. I am ready to see him room come together though.
We have all of our new furniture in! Tomorrow our decorator, Marla, and the Bassett crew is coming to accessorize and get some of our art hung. I am so excited for that to happen because then I feel like it will really feel like home. We won't have our window treatments for another month or so. We're using some of our panels that were in our other house but the windows here are different sizes so we're having to make adjustments to basically all of our curtains. Other than that little detail though, the inside is almost complete. Scott and I have worked hard all day and night to get our house finished to where it feels like home so we can settle in, cozy up and enjoy living here.
I want to start sharing photos of the new house with you guys soon! Hopefully next week!

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