Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Two Tomorrow

Today I soaked up my last day with a one year old. When we wake up tomorrow Bennett will be two. Time is speeding by. A part of me embraces it then a part of me just wants to curl up on the floor and cry because my babies are growing up. I absolutely love the stage of life I'm in. My kids are still little but life is just getting easier. I feel like when they turn two you're pretty golden and have reached the easy zone. Now we're here. I would relive those baby days over and over again though because I love the baby stage too. I guess I just love being a momma no matter what stage I'm in.
I can remember this day two years ago like it was yesterday. I woke up cramping off and on and it lasted all day. I now know it was contractions but they were so mild I didn't realize it. Campbell had been at my parents house the last few days and we were going to meet my mom half way to pick him up. Scott and I started driving out of the neighborhood and I had him turn back around and take me back home. I just knew something was going on and I was scared to be too far from home just in case. While he was picking Campbell up, my friend, Jax, and I went to The Baby's Room to look at cute baby stuff and I'm pretty sure I walked away with a new pair of Kickee Pants for baby Bennett. Campbell and Scott made it back, we worked puzzles before bed, then I took a long bath and slept great that night. There was no question in my mind that Bennett would be arriving that week (at 37 weeks, just like Campbell!) but when I went in for my doctor appointment the next day, I had no idea she was going to tell me I was about to have my baby. I mean, who is dilated to a 5 and having contractions and not even knowing it? Me. The crazy lady who Jesus made to be unfazed by labor. Or as my doctor says "born to have babies." It still cracks me and Scott up that my doctor was like "yeah so you're in labor and the baby is about to come" and I was totally taken aback by that information. I was like "so do I just go home and wait?" and she was like "no you go walk next door to the hospital." LOL. And then Bennett showed up, a few hours later not making a peep and remained that way for the first 15 months of his life. Then he turned 16 months old and over night he turned into a tiny terror that screamed his wants and made me want to pull my hair out. But now he's two and back to that sweet little baby boy....with an added little spunk.
I cant wait to celebrate our Bennett tomorrow. My little two year old.

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