Monday, June 25, 2018


On Saturday morning I ran the LPGA Championship 5k and it was so much fun! I run almost every single day and have since Bennett was 6 weeks old. It started as a way for me to lose the baby weight and now, two years later, it's almost more for my mind than my body. I simply enjoy it. I love running by myself but most of the time I'm pushing two boys and two dogs in the double jogging stroller. It's how our mornings start every single day (after coffee of course) and has just become part of our routine. I run for about 30 minutes and I really just don't feel right if I miss a day.
All of that to say, I love to run but I rarely do races. I honestly forget about them. I was approached to do the 5k for Team LPGA and immediately said yes! So on Saturday morning, we woke up a little earlier than usual and headed to the race. I was so happy that Scott and the boys came. It made it a lot more fun for me!
The race started and I immediately got a runners high. Ha!! I'm so used to running by myself but it's so much more fun running with a thousand people! I finished my race and was pretty proud of my time. I finished with a time of 28:36. I came in 11th in my age division, 89th out of the women and 254th overall. My pace was 9'13.
It was such a fun Saturday morning! After the race we went to Cracker Barrel so I could carb load on some pancakes. Ha!! Scott said the boys had a great time and I was so glad that they were there to see their momma running a race. Plus, Campbell made me the best sign there!

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