Monday, July 2, 2018

Catching Up

Happy Monday folks. I know, it's been a while. I totally dropped the ball on this ol' blog last week. My mom and Grammy were in town and we were busy having fun. Now I need to play catch up.
What's new around here? Hmm....not a lot. I am accomplishing a lot on my summer bucket list though. I'm trying hard to give the boys a fun summer. We've gone putt putt, had snow cones, ice cream, gone to the movies, picked berries, and played in our blow up swimming pool.
Tomorrow night we're planning to go pick out some fireworks that we can shoot off on the 4th. We weren't sure if our neighborhood pool would be open for the 4th but it looks like they've finished it just in time (as long as they pass inspection tomorrow) and that makes me sooooo happy. I plan to live there the rest of the summer. I'm going to make all kinds of yummy dips and desserts to eat for the 4th and hopefully we'll just have a fun morning at the pool followed by a nap, more pool time, and then fireworks. Sounds like the perfect 4th to me.
This is random but I have done something to my left index finger. I don't think it's broken but it has been hurting me for about a month now. I actually went to the doctor last week and of course they came up with nothing. It's very swollen, hurts to touch and I can't even hardly type with it let alone anything else. You would think after a month it would be better but it's very slowly getting worse. What in the world? I don't really know what to do for it since I went to the doctor and he wasn't sure either. I always get the weird stuff that nobody knows how to diagnose. So if you've ever experienced something like this.....or have an idea of who/where I should seek help from next, let me know!! I'm ready for my finger to stop hurting.

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