Monday, June 18, 2018

Fathers Day Weekend

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend. We were finally able to go to the Farmers Market, something we love to do every summer. I have missed it! We've just been so busy we haven't had an opportunity to go so the first free Saturday that we had a chance to go, we took it! The boys loved it, especially Bennett. He picked out blackberries and blueberries and ate almost all of the blueberries before we got home. Campbell wanted to pet every single dog there. This was the first summer that we didn't have to take a stroller with us. The boys just got to walk around and enjoy and it was super nice. We decided to have lunch at Crepes Paulette once we finished shopping for our fresh goods. I haven't eaten there in a few years and I forgot how delicious it is. Surprisingly, the boys ate their crepe and loved it! It was just a fun little Saturday in our fun little town. The Farmers Market is my idea of a perfect Saturday. I love the atmosphere and getting to pick out fresh food. I hope to go several more times this summer.
After the Farmers Market and lunch, we went to Sam's. I swear we go to Sam's every Saturday. I don't know how that became a ritual but it has. The boys love the samples, I love getting my fruit there, and Scott loves looking at the TV's. It cracks me up that we end up there every Saturday but we do.
Yesterday we celebrated this guy! I made him some homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, we went to church, had lunch with grandpa, then came home and (as backwards as this is) I took a nap while Scott played basketball and watched Trolls with the boys. I guess that's just a classic example of how good this man is.
Scott is such a great Dad and so helpful to me. We split our parenting and house duties 50/50. He doesn't expect me to do everything just because I stay at home. He is 100% aware of how hard my job is (he works from home so he gets to witness it) so he is my teammate. I am so very appreciative of him and I know that I'm lucky to have him help me as much as he does.
I'm sad I didn't get to see my own Dad on Fathers Day but he is coming up here next week so we'll just have to celebrate him then---because he is definitely worth celebrating! I have a lot of wonderful fathers surrounding me. I'm a very blessed girl.

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