Monday, June 4, 2018

Parade of Homes

This week is the Northwest Arkansas Parade of Homes and our house is going to be a part of the tour. We have known since before we even broke ground that we would be putting our house in the parade and it feels like we've been working tirelessly to get everything ready for this week. Scott and I have been looking forward to this week getting here partly because I think the event will be fun but mostly because after this week it's over and we can finally stop being so insanely busy!! I feel like we haven't been able to really enjoy our home yet because every day and night there has always been something to do around here. We have had people here almost daily since we've moved and everyone has been working hard to get their particular job complete by the parade. After tomorrow, we're done and our house will be 100% finished. Hallelujah!
I took a few quick pics one night last week and thought I'd share them here. I am planning to do a full detail post on each room but for now here's just some sneaks of the house. Someone is actually coming in to photograph it this week and I'll probably share those pictures here too.
We have a few last minute touches to make to the interior d├ęcor here tomorrow and the Bassett team is coming up to finalize it all. It feels like it's basically done here but I'm looking forward to seeing those final little details they'll do to make it officially complete.
The Northwest Arkansas Parade of Homes is Friday-Sunday and open to the public. If you live in the area you should come by! I would love to see some familiar faces. I'll (most likely) be here the entire time. The boys (and the girls!) are going to spend the weekend in Little Rock. So we'll be kid free but also working. We're still planning on trying to squeeze in a date night if we aren't too tired from the day.
 So there she is. Home Sweet Home. Busy week ahead for the Johnson's! Excited to see it come (and go!).

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