Thursday, July 26, 2018


I thought I'd share our entry on my blog today. Not that there's really a whole lot to it but it is the first room you walk into when you come in our home so....
When you walk into our house this is what you see. Everything but the rug was from our previous home and unfortunately, you can't get the lamps or table anymore. We wanted to keep it simple since the house is all open and you see a lot when you first walk in.
Everyone always comments on our entry light. It's massive. It's the biggest light Scott has ever hung in a home but the space is so big it really needed a big chandelier. I love this light. It hard to get a detailed shot of it myself so I grabbed the image off the website.
The room to the left of the front door is Scott's office and to the right is the dining room. We chose a super durable rug since it sees a lot of traffic, the same kind of rug we have in the playroom and under our kitchen table. Even though it's cream, it's held up beautifully.
Like always, everything you see in the photo is from Bassett. As I said previously, it's a pretty simple space but I do love it and think it fits the rest of the home perfectly.

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