Monday, August 13, 2018

Big Changes, Big Boys

Well hello there! Long time no see. I took a (much needed) summer blogging break.....and kind of a break from life in general. We've just been chillin' and enjoying our last days of summer before starting back into our routine next week. I was in Little Rock for most of last week with the boys. We needed a little change of scenery and it was so nice. We got home last night and I'm spending my week prepping for the boys to go back to school. I am SO ready for some routine to our day. We have enjoyed our summer but are beginning to get quite bored around here so it will be nice to have some purpose to our week again.
Bennett is good and potty trained. He has had an accident here and there but I would say he's got it down about 95% of the time. It took Campbell about a month for him to get it down 100% so I'm expecting Bennett will be the same. He wakes up the majority of the time with a dry diaper from his nap and in the morning. If he keeps this up another month I'm going to drop the diapers completely.
Campbell experienced a big boy change himself within the last few weeks. He has 100% dropped his finger sucking habit. Campbell has sucked on his right, two middle fingers his entire life. Any time he was still (riding in the car, watching TV, falling asleep, etc) those fingers were in his mouth. I approached him a few months ago about breaking the habit and he bawled his eyes out. But two weeks ago I mentioned it again and he was ready! I bought some stuff to put on his fingernails that is supposed to make them taste horrible. It must really taste bad. I put it on his fingernails and kissed him goodnight then ran to look at the monitor to see what he was doing. When I got the monitor turned on, he was wiping his tongue on his blanket. Hahaha! So I took him some water so he could get the taste out of his mouth and he literally never stuck his fingers in his mouth again after that. I am beyond shocked at how easy that was. It's so strange, honestly, to see him being still and not have his fingers in his mouth but I'm so proud of him for adjusting to his lifelong habit so quickly and easily. I would have done that a while ago if I had known how easy it would have been!
So we've had two big changes in our household the last couple of weeks. My boys are growing up. I'm proud of them for doing so well with their adjustments!! Hoping we enjoy and soak up our last full week of summer before school starts back for us!

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  1. How wonderful that Bennett is potty trained (go you!!!) and Campbell has stopped sucking his fingers. I wish that stuff was around when I was a kid as I sucked my thumb for years. Well done. Your babies are sure growing fast. You’re an awesome mom so keep up the great work! ☺️💜