Friday, July 20, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Happy Nordstrom Sale day! If you're a card holder you've already had access but we're a one credit card only kind of family so no department store credit cards for me. I've been getting my wish list all set up over the last few days and unfortunately a lot of the items I wanted sold out completely or are unavailable in my size but these items were still left and I snatched them up first thing this morning. I obviously don't have any pics of myself in them since I haven't received them yet but I'm excited to get them shipped to me and try them on. The great thing about Nordstrom is free shipping! So if I don't like them, I can easily send it back. Here's my items:
I thought this would be great for Razorback games. I ordered a medium for a more oversized fit.
Some of my favorite bloggers rave about these leggings. I've never owned a pair before but I'm excited to try them. A girl can never have too many leggings and I like that they're high waisted. I got a small.
Apparently I'm into plaid for fall. I thought this was really cute and it could be paired with so many different colors of jeans. I ordered a small.
One can never have too many black cardigans. This one has a hood on it which I felt like set it apart from the rest. I ordered a small. Cardigans always tend to run big in my opinion.

Decided this was too good of a deal to pass up. I love this shade of pink for fall and winter. I got a small.
This looked too perfect and comfy for fall. I'm adding a lot of cardigans to my closet this year. I didn't wear them a lot last year but I'm feeling it this year. I went with a small.
I had a really hard time deciding between black and the other color, a beautiful shade of blue. Ultimately I went with black because I wear so much black. I'm tempted to make one more purchase and get the blue. For this price and the free shipping.....kinda hard to say no. I got a small.
Another hard decision choosing a color. I really love all of the options but this just felt perfect for fall. I think it will look great paired with black jeans or leggings and black or leopard slides. I purchased a small.

And a few other items I picked up that aren't on sale but their prices are like sale prices so I decided to go ahead and include them.
I loved this tee so much I got it in black stripe and ivory stripe. The back is longer so it would cover your bottom if you wanted to wear it with leggings. Everyone needs shirts like these in their closet. They pair with almost anything. I ordered a small in these
This tee is similar to the one above except it has a pocket and the stripes are wider. Black and white striped shirts are my go-to's all fall and winter long so I decided to grab a different version of the one above. I went with a medium in this for a more over sized fit. 

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