Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Potty Training Bennett

Hey-O! I feel like I've spent the last 48 hours holed up in our playroom. I started potty training Bennett yesterday. I have been planning on doing this for months and when I woke up yesterday morning I dreaded the days ahead of me. Other than going stir crazy, it hasn't been as bad as I had envisioned it in my mind to be. I remember thinking the same thing when I potty trained Campbell. The thought of it is worse than the reality I guess. I am potty training Bennett the same way I potty trained Campbell (you can read about that HERE) but with a few small differences.
The first day I potty trained Campbell I had one of those small potties and kept it in the playroom with us all day. The second day I took it away and we went to the regular potty. I didn't want to mess with that gross potty this time so I axed that and we went straight to the big potty with Bennett. The first two hours I was worried I had made a mistake by not having the small potty. Bennett freaked out when I sat him on the potty and wouldn't go which made me wonder if this was going to work. I finally got him to calm down after a few hours by letting him watch YouTube on my phone, which made him relax and go. From that point forward it was smooth sailing. I actually couldn't believe how well he did. By the end of the first day he was looking at me saying "momma pee pee" and running to the bathroom. I didn't clean up any accidents the whole day and felt so proud of my little guy.
Day two (today) literally went down the exact same way for Bennett as it did with Campbell. He had three half accidents this morning (I say half because he stopped himself midstream then ran to the potty to finish) but I didn't get discouraged since Campbell did the same thing. I knew he would catch on and he did. By lunch time he was telling me when he needed to potty and he didn't have anymore accidents the rest of the day. He even went on command when I asked him to go before he got in the bathtub which I thought was really good of him.
Tomorrow I'm going to attempt my first outing with him. I'm thinking a super quick trip to Target and maybe a drive through Chick Fil A to reward my little buddy with a lemonade, his favorite. I'll be nervous and will probably pack my baby shopping cart cover just to be on the safe side in case he has an accident in the cart!! Overall, super proud of my little guy. He even woke up with dry diapers after naptime the last two days. Not that I'm trying to train him for sleeping or anything but I think it's really good that he can stay dry for 2.5-3 hours. Campbell was completely out of diapers, even at night sleeping 11 straight hours, two months after he was potty trained so maybe Bennett will be able to do the same.
I really think the 3 day naked method is a great way to potty train. I have always used THIS article as my resource because I think it has the best advice when it comes to this method. This has worked with both of my boys so we're 2 for 2 here. Hoping by the end of the week I'll feel totally confident in my big boy and be able to put some cute undies on him. He's so ready to wear them. Anything big brother does he just really wants to do too.

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