Thursday, July 12, 2018

Potty Training Prep

Hey all! I know, I'm so MIA these days. Honestly, I sat down at my computer on Monday to write a new post and had nothing. Notta. I've still got nothing.
Our days feel long and boring right now. I think we've hit that summer slump. We do the same things every day basically. Now that our house is all finished, I'm not busy with that anymore. I'm so glad but now I'm left with nothing to do. So....kind of boring. The boys and I are going to the pool a lot. They have one more week left of school and then we're out for a month. We'll be heading down to Little Rock to spend a lot of time with my parents as a way to keep us all entertained.
Before we go to Little Rock though, I'm going to potty train Bennett. I'm hoping to say, two weeks from today, that he will officially be potty trained. I'm going to do the 3 day naked method, just like I did with Campbell. It worked beautifully and he was 100% potty trained after 2 full days. He was a tiny bit older than Bennett will be but I remember at the time thinking he could have started sooner. I have one more package of diapers left from my Honest bundle and I didn't renew my shipment so this is happening. I'm already mentally preparing myself. Kind of dreading it.....kind of looking forward to it in a way. I just feel like it's time. If it doesn't work, no worries and we'll just try again later. But I think he can do it. Last time I trapped Campbell and I in the playroom for 3 days (because I didn't want him peeing all over my house). I'm thinking this time we'll just hang out in Bennett's room since he has a bathroom connected to it. I'm just planning on laying down ALL the beach towels and ALL the blankets on the floor so when he has an accident it doesn't get on the carpet. That's what I did with Campbell and it worked perfectly. Basically we're crate training. Ha!
So wish us luck and send us all the good potty training vibes. I am looking forward to not having to buy diapers for the first time in over 4 years. Hopefully Bennett picks up on it as quickly and easily as Campbell did.

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