Monday, July 16, 2018

Breakfast Room

Sharing our breakfast room today!
I wrote a post on this room after we had picked out all of the furniture and fabrics for the space. You can read that HERE if you like. I was really excited for a breakfast table for us to all eat at as a family. Even though it doesn't look kid friendly, it is. I'll explain how later. We gather here every night for dinner and I love it.
There is some beautiful blue stitching on our head chairs so we played off that color by using the same shade of blue for our accent pieces. I love the shade of blue and it carries throughout our home so all of the spaces coordinate and tie together nicely. The window treatments were in our living room in our previous house. We tweaked them a little so they would fit this space (turning two huge panels into three and putting the decorative fabric tape across the top instead of going down the sides like they previously were) and they really finished out the room beautifully.
It was very important to me to have a kid friendly table for us. We're a young family so messes and spills are to be expected. In our home before, we didn't have a kid friendly dining situation so before we all sat down together, we would drape towels over the chairs where the boys were sitting. I did not want to have to mess with that this time but I also didn't want to have to sacrifice having a beautiful table either. Our Bassett decorator, Marla, suggested putting these wood chairs on either side of the buffet. When we sit at the table, we can use these chairs for the boys and just wipe them clean once we're finished eating. It was really the perfect solution for us and I am so pleased with how it all worked out. The rug we chose is also very kid friendly and easy to clean. You can take it out to the driveway and hose it down if you need to. So we can relax and enjoy our family meals together and never have to worry about messing up our furniture. A win for everyone.
Bassett covered the whole space for me but there were a few tiny accessories I found myself. My favorite is the food scale that I found at the antique market. I think it's so neat and adds so much character. It's honestly one of my favorite accessories in my entire house. Marla used dishes to decorate these shelves and I love it. It gives it a cozy kitchen feel. Old books and a few little accessories finished out the little space here and I love how it all pulled together.
So there we go! Our breakfast area. I love the space, the family gatherings and the delicious meals we have here.

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