Friday, July 6, 2018

Rainy Friday

Happy Friday! It just started raining really hard here at my house. I'm not sad about it. It has been SO hot and we needed it to cool down. Plus, since we just planted so many new trees and plants, I'm always thankful for a good rain.
We had a fun week full of a lot of activities. On Monday we met up with some friends to swim. On Tuesday I took the boys to see Trolls at the movie theater. Wednesday was the 4th, we recovered from that yesterday, then today we met up with some friends again to play and have lunch. The boys have two more weeks of their summer school session then they're off for a month before the fall session starts up. We are going to have to make sure we plan a lot of fun stuff during our month off. I love the routine our school days provide us and I feel like I always get in a funk when we don't have school.
Bennett is currently napping (while it jealous. Those always make for the best naps) and Campbell is watching Power Rangers. Since Campbell doesn't nap, and hasn't for over a year now, he watches TV while Bennett naps. It's my only way for peace. Campbell has recently discovered Power Rangers. At first Scott and I weren't sure what to think about it. He seems young and I still want him to be obsessed with Sheriff Callie. But alas he's growing up and the days of all the super hero stuff has arrived. We went to Target last night to look at Power Ranger toys and I just wanted to go back to the Little People aisle. I frequently hear "hiya" from the playroom now and it's both humorous and a little sad. My boy is growing up. Sigh.....
I'm going to try to be productive and do some laundry now. So hard to be productive when it's raining.....
See you back here next week!

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