Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4th

We had a great July 4th holiday. A few days ago we weren't sure what our plans would be. We didn't know if our neighborhood pool would be finished in time but thankfully it passed inspection on Tuesday so we were able to spend our day hanging out at our new pool with our new neighbors! We are so excited about our new pool and clubhouse. Y'all. It's SO nice. The clubhouse is 100%. Scott and I both commented that we felt like we were at a resort, all that was missing was a swim-up bar. The pool has a beach entry which is SO perfect for the kids. They absolutely loved the beach entry and I was able to lay there all day, stay cool in the water, and get a tan. The clubhouse has this huge, glass garage type door that opens up into the pool area. For a little bit, the boys got tired of being in the sun. So they just sat in the clubhouse and watched Disney Jr but we could see them the whole time because we opened the glass door. The speakers operate on Pandora and each room in the clubhouse can be on a different station. There's an awesome kitchen in there where we were able to keep our food and drinks....basically I'm obsessed. I've never had access to a clubhouse before and this one is so well thought out, beautifully decorated and designed and absolutely perfect. I'm so pumped about it and it made our day at the pool just that much nicer.
We went back to the house to let Bennett (and myself!) nap then as soon as he was up we headed back out to the pool. We stayed there until dinner, grilled hotdogs then lit a few fireworks before we went to bed.
Both boys slept until 9:00 this morning. That has never, ever happened. It was beautiful. And a testament to how much fun we had the day before! It was a really chill day which was refreshing. I've always been in charge of planning our previous neighborhood 4th of July party which kept me busy the whole day. So not having any responsibilities and being able to just take it easy was nice.
Overall, a great day with my little family. We met some neighbors and enjoyed their company and our new neighborhood amenities. Couldn't have been better.

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