Monday, September 17, 2018

Basically Fall

I spent almost my entire weekend outside. The weather was nice and I was feeling the fall spirit. We have this tiny little bounce house so we set that up for the boys in our backyard and Scott and I watched football. Then we did the same thing again on Sunday. It was truly lovely. The temps look as if they're going to start dropping a little next week and call me basic but I'm excited. I always love fall but hold tight to summer. However, this year, I'm ready for fall. And Christmas. I think it's because we have a new house and I'm ready to experience the seasons here. I'm excited to have holidays here and decorate my new house for Christmas.
Another reason I wanted to spend so much time on our back patio this weekend is because I decorated it for fall. I haven't done anything to my front porch yet. I thought I'd wait another week or two. But my back porch is ready! I used a lot of the Pinterest images I shared on Friday for inspiration and now our porch is fun and festive. The boys love it and I do too! I'm planning to take some pics of it and share it on here soon.
The boys had school today and all I did with my time was search around town for the perfect mini muffin pan. I found one! If this doesn't sum up the excitement of my life I don't know what does.

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