Tuesday, November 6, 2018

25 Weeks

Size of Baby: One and a half pounds and 14 inches tall.

How I'm Feeling: I'm starting to suffer from some pretty persistent indigestion. I had to get up at 1 am one night last week and take a Prevacid because it was bothering me so bad and I couldn't sleep. I had heartburn/indigestion SO bad with Campbell so I'm hoping this isn't going to turn into anything similar.

Cravings/Appetite: I've started to notice that sweets really make my indigestion flair up which is so very unfortunate.
Clothes: A few of my shorter tops won't last a whole lot longer. They were just normal length tops when I wasn't pregnant but my bump is going to make them look like crop tops before too long! Haha!

Movement: Nothing new here. I still can't see him move from the outside. I'm ready for that to start happening!

Changes in Me: Just the indigestion currently. It's super annoying.

Baby Purchases: No new purchases.
Favorite Moment This Week: I went for my workout today and caught a glimpse at myself in the mirror and got tickled. I posted a picture and put it on my Instagram stories. My bump looked so big. And I still have 12 weeks to go!!

Looking Forward To: Election results tonight! I took the boys with me to vote today. We stood in line for an hour and a half. I actually drove to my polling place, saw the long line, drove back home to get the stroller and iPads, and went back. I felt a little silly having my big kids in a stroller. Not so much Bennett but Campbell. I was worried I was going to get some funny looks but instead all the other moms commented on how the stroller was such a good call. Ha! Campbell didn't really sit in it but I wanted him to have the seat just in case he got tired. Campbell has voted with me in 3 elections now and it made me realize that this will be his last time to go with me for a while since he'll be in school for future elections. The next time I vote I'll have an almost 2 year old with me! Crazy!!

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