Monday, November 5, 2018

November Weekends

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a good weekend! We had a great weekend. Scott and I had a date night on Saturday. We went to a nice dinner then saw A Star Is Born. It was so good. We both loved it. I told Scott there are soooo many movies I want to see right now so we need to schedule a lot of babysitters because I want to see them in the theaters asap. Dinner and a movie is my favorite kind of date night and I have a feeling we won't get many of them next year so I feel like we need to squeeze in as many as we possibly can before the year is up!
Yesterday was busy. Life right now is busy. I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'm doing photo sessions again this fall. The original number of families I was shooting was 16 but I've ended up adding so many I've officially lost count at this point. I absolutely love doing it. I enjoy getting away to shoot, I love taking photos of other people, and I really enjoy having something to do to keep me busy. I try to finish and send off a session a day because I don't like to get too behind. I have a lot to tackle right now because I did 7 mini sessions at a Christmas Tree Farm yesterday. I never schedule that many sessions in one day but I had to book a spot at the tree farm with the owners so I had to get in as many as I could. Scott came to help assist me and I was so thankful he was there. He kept track of time and moved props around for me and it was so helpful. I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day and when I crawled in bed I don't think I moved an inch until my alarm went off this morning! I had a lot of fun doing the Christmas Tree pictures and I've taken a little peek at the photos and they all turned out super cute. 
While the boys were at school today I did a little editing then snuck away to do a tiny bit of Christmas shopping. I never know what to get the boys for Christmas but this year I have a lot of ideas! Every single time we mention Christmas or Santa, Bennett tells us he wants Santa to bring him a Minnie Mouse. Every time. This kid and his Minnie obsession is something else. He loves the whole Mickey crew but there is a special love in his heart for Minnie for some reason. I would have thought that he would have grown out of the Mickey obsession by now but it's still just as strong as it was a year ago....maybe even stronger!! He's seen the episodes so many times he now requests specific ones. Daisy in the Sky and Minnie-rella are his favorites. So all that to say, we will definitely be making sure that Santa brings Bennett a Minnie Mouse for Christmas. We just have to figure out what kind of Minnie Mouse he should bring. There's so many to choose from....

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