Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween 2018

We had a fun Halloween! The weather was less than desirable but we still had a great time and made it work!! We ended up going back to our old neighborhood and did trick or treating with our friends. We munched on a lot of yummy goodies like chili, Chick Fil A nuggets and grazing boards before bundling the kiddos up and collecting candy.
Campbell was Mr McSpeedy and Bennett couldn't keep up so Scott and Campbell paired up and Bennett and I did our own thing. Bennett did so great saying "Trick or Treat!" and "Thank you!" at every house. Just like last year, he always chose a sucker if there was one available. Suckers are his favorite!! My sweet boy Campbell knows that snickers are my favorite and he chose Snickers at two different houses just for me. I love his heart.
The night was going great until we went to one house and they thought it would be funny to blast a smoke machine while 4 little kids ages 1 to barely 3 were standing at the door. It terrified Bennett and that was the end of trick or treating for him. Why don't people think? A smoke machine for 6 year olds? Fun! Tiny little toddlers? Nope. They all cried but Bennett was exceptionally traumatized. After that he kept saying "Momma go to Hayes house." So we did. The end. Right around the same time we met up with Campbell and he kept saying he was cold and ready to go so we went back to our friends to hang out for a little bit before we called it a night. The boys didn't get near as much candy as I anticipated they would (not that I'm complaining). The rainy cold weather made our trick or treat adventure a little short but it was still so fun and I enjoyed getting to watch my boys in their cute costumes!!
Halloween has turned into one of my favorite holidays since I've had kids. I think it's so much fun and I love everything about it! We all had a great time meeting up first and trick or treating together and we agreed we may need to make this an annual tradition from now on. Lots of cute kiddos and more than enough candy to go around!

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