Tuesday, November 13, 2018

26 Weeks

Size of Baby: Over 14 inches tall and almost two pounds.

How I'm Feeling: I feel good! I have the weirdest thing happening to me though. Several times a day, I will get this sharp cramp/spasm in my back and it literally stops me in my tracks. It comes out of nowhere and makes it to where I cannot move....like, at all!! I just have to stop and wait until it goes away before I can go about life again.

Cravings/Appetite: Nothing new here. I want to eat healthy but also kind of just want to eat whatever I want because what difference does it make at this point? The struggle is real....

Clothes: Still wearing all of my regular clothes and pants. I'm now having to roll my pants way under my belly for them to be comfortable.

Movement: I'm starting to see tiny little movements from the outside now. He's still pretty quiet in there.
Changes in Me: I feel very overwhelmed these days. I honestly just make myself not think about it so I don't have a breakdown. Still haven't ordered one thing for his nursery...still haven't chosen a name. The holidays are coming up which has me running around town like a crazy person trying to accomplish everything on my long to-do list. I don't get to go to bed until close to midnight most days because I have so much on my plate. And when I do have a moment of downtime, I'm usually on my phone searching for baby names and nursery inspiration. I'm going to stop talking about it now before I give myself anxiety!!

Baby Purchases: I bought a little bonnet for him to have those first few weeks. I found it on Etsy and it's a really sweet, cream colored crochet bonnet that looks as if it's been in the family for generations.

Favorite Moment This Week: Actually taking the time to look at how I want to decorate his nursery. I think I have a lot of it figured out and I'd like to get it all on order this week. Probably won't happen but it's the goal. If we wait too much longer we're going to be pushing it to get the room finished in time and I don't want that to happen. I know they don't "need" their room to be finished but I like for all of that to be done before my babies arrive. One less thing to worry about. If we end up doing what I think we're going to do, I think his room is going to be really sweet. I'm excited to get it done.

Looking Forward To: Not having to give my kids a bath anymore. When will that happen? It's so hard to give baths when you've got a massive belly. I dread it every single night.

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