Monday, November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Feast

We had a Thanksgiving feast party with Campbell at his school today. It's always fun getting to join in on a school activity of his. Last year Scott and I were on time to his Thanksgiving party but the other parents were early....which made it look like we were late. And Campbell was in the corner sobbing while his teacher was trying to comfort him. I will never forget it. We realized from that point forward how very important it is for Campbell that we are always there for his special events....and also to arrive early. Not that we would ever miss them anyway, of course, but it's VERY important to him that his parents show up.
The parents all waited in the hall until we were told we could go into the classroom. I could see Campbell before he could see me and his eyes were frantically searching for his parents. The same is true when he does his spring musical. You can see him on the stage working so hard to spot us. We have to be those parents who stand and wave so he can spot us quickly to avoid him getting stressed that we aren't there. Bless it.
Anywho, we enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast, watched the class perform some songs and a sweet prayer, and saw some fun Thanksgiving crafts they've been working on. It was sweet and we get to go back and do it again on Thursday. It's going to be the exact same thing part 2 but heaven knows we can't miss it.
On another note, it snowed so beautifully here in Northwest Arkansas today. Unfortunately it was just a few degrees too warm for the snow to stick. Such a bummer. We would have had a beautiful covering of snow had it been cold enough. Even though it didn't stick, I really enjoyed watching it fall for a few hours. While I was working out, I watched the snow fall outside and it was beautiful and peaceful. The boys loved the snow and I'm hoping we get more of it this winter. We have always gotten really good snow a few times a year here but the last 4 years we haven't gotten anything. Hopefully we get some really good snow this winter.....except for when I need to go to the hospital for labor. I don't need a blizzard on that day.

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