Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Fridays

It is currently freezing here in Northwest Arkansas. There's a slight change for snow on Monday which is so crazy! It seems a little early. I think we're going to get our first frost tonight and honestly, it always makes me a little sad because it kills all the pretty flowers. Even though it's been so cold, I've still had some colorful blooms in my yard. They'll be gone tomorrow morning though. Bummer.
We don't have any plans this weekend which is nice. It seems like we always have something going on. I haven't mentioned this to Scott yet but I would love to go shopping for new Christmas decorations. We're wanting to do a new Christmas look in our new house. I'm thinking buffalo plaid, woodland, rustic glam for the "theme." I think it will be something the boys will enjoy for a long time and I'm ready to mix up our Christmas décor. We need a new, bigger tree for our living room and I'm planning to put the tree we've always used in the past in the playroom. I'll make that one really fun and colorful for the boys.
I feel like if we don't shop for a tree and new décor soon, everything will be picked over so we need to get on it. Even if we do find a tree, I won't put it up until after Thanksgiving. I'm one of those who is team fall through Thanksgiving. After that we do Christmas. 
Campbell told me he wants to go to the Razorback game tomorrow. Unfortunately it's too late for them....and I'm worried it will be too cold too. We'll have to settle for watching it on the TV instead. Ever since we took them to the Razorback game, they have become die hard Hog fans.
That's about as exciting as this Friday post is going to get. Our Friday night will be very typical here in the Johnson house--pizza and a movie. Every Friday night. It's just our thing. Hope you all have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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