Tuesday, November 20, 2018

27 Weeks

Size of Baby: About 15 inches and over two pounds.

How I'm Feeling: I feel weird today. I'm sort of nauseous but sort of not. It's weird. I've never experienced this before. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I may be sick. The baby was moving around like crazy. It was so strange. I don't know what's going on. I can tell the baby has dropped lower. Maybe he's head down now or maybe it's just his weight? I don't know but whatever it is I can definitely feel more pressure than I have this entire pregnancy.

Cravings/Appetite: All normal. Looking forward to a big Thanksgiving feast later this week!

Clothes: I'm trying to wear some tops now that are a little shorter because I feel like I have another two weeks before they start riding up too much and showing my big ol' belly. I'm crossing my fingers that my favorite Lou & Grey sweatpants go on sale over Black Friday this weekend. I have several colors but I want allllll the colors because they're so comfortable and it's all I want to wear right now. I know it's really all I'm going to want to wear come January and they'll be great for post-partum too.

Movement: The baby is moving around a lot, even as I'm typing this, which makes me feel good since I feel so yuck and weird right now.
Changes in Me: I stumbled upon a photo of me when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Campbell and lets just say the difference in my 1st baby bump vs my 3rd is astounding and laughable. I really do feel like my belly is just so much bigger this time around.

Baby Purchases: Nothing this week but with the sales this weekend, I'm hoping to buy a lot of stuff for this sweet boy including, but not limited to, his nursery!

Favorite Moment This Week: Feeling this baby boy move more. He's been a little more active this week which has been fun! I get to go check in on him tomorrow. I'm also doing my glucose screening which I never mind. I don't think the drink tastes that bad. After this week we'll start going to bi-monthly appointments. Crazy. Also crazy? The fact that I most likely only have 10 weeks left to be pregnant. My OB and pediatrician both agree that it's highly likely he will be born at 37 weeks. My gut feeling tells me the same. Ten. Weeks. Woah. It will fly by.

Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving! We're hosting this year and I've been doing a lot of prep for it over the last week. I wanted to do a little every day so I wasn't feeling frantic as the time got closer. I'm hoping all of my prepping will allow me to actually be able to enjoy the day. I'm planning on doing a lot of cooking tomorrow! It should be a fun time with family. Last Thanksgiving as a family of four!!

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