Friday, November 16, 2018

Bennett // 2.5 Years Old

Our little Bennett officially turned 2.5 a week ago today. I am absolutely loving his age and his little personality. He's always been our spunky one and the older he gets the cuter he seems to be! He has such a fun little personality and he is definitely the entertainer in our family. Bennett is a mommas boy and I don't mind it one bit. He loves to cuddle with me and he's recently started saying "I wuv you" and it melts my heart!
Bennett has always been a really good talker but just in the last few weeks his speech has really blossomed. He is starting to string long sentences together and sound like such a big boy when he speaks. He is still obsessed with Mickey and it's what he always asks to watch when he gets to watch TV. Bennett is a pretty good eater. He has to have a smoothie every morning to get his day started. Bennett is 100% potty trained but I do still keep him in a diaper at night. Bennett loves school and seeing all of his friends. He loves to say the blessing at dinner. He always says "Yesus thank you...." then lists everything he can see in front of him, followed by a very big "amen!" Bennett sleeps in his big boy bed and the transition to it was a piece of cake. He has never once gotten out of his bed. He stays there until we go get him in the morning, just like his big brother does. So proud of my good sleepers!
About a month or two ago Scott and I noticed that Bennett is really able to keep up with Campbell now. He can do just about everything Campbell can which has really made their friendship grow. They play together all day long and most of the time Bennett just mimics exactly what Campbell does. Occasionally they bicker but more often than not, they are always getting along and having fun together. I absolutely love watching them play and hear them have fun and giggle. I hope they will always be best friends and always enjoy one anothers company the way they do now.
Bennett is still obsessed with his paci. I know I should have taken it away by now but I just can't. He loves it so much and it makes me sad to take it from him. He likes to have one in his mouth and one in each hand. He has slowly gotten better about not feeling the need to have them constantly and I'm always trying to hide them under his pillow where he can't find them during the day. He's usually so busy playing he doesn't even notice but he does like to have it when he's sleeping, watching TV, or in the car.
I just love this sweet boy more than I can say. I love his personality and his blonde hair. I love hearing him talk. I love how much he adores his brother. I love everything about him and I'm so glad he's ours!!

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