Thursday, November 29, 2018

Christmas Gift Guide Ages 0-4

Christmas is less than a month away and I wanted to share some gift ideas for your kiddos! Some of these things we already have and love and some of them I'm getting for my boys for Christmas. I tried to be gender neutral with my gift suggestions and range in ages 0-4. Simply click the title of each gift to get the link. Let's get gifting!!

Toy Claw Machine - Campbell is getting this for Christmas and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a big hit. A toy claw machine. It comes with coins and you can insert them and use the claw to scoop up candy, toys, or any kind of prize you choose to put in the machine. I read reviews on a lot of different toy claw machines and this one seemed to have the best. A few parents said they use this as a type of reward system. Every time their child does something good, they give them a coin so they can get a prize. I thought that was a smart idea!

YooKidoo Bath Toy - This brand has a lot of cool bath toys. I had a hard time choosing which one to get. I got this toy for Bennett but I know both of my kids will enjoy playing with it. I like getting new bath toys since they can quickly get gross and my kids always seem to enjoy a fun toy for the bath.

Holly and Beau Umbrella - These are the neatest umbrellas. They change colors when they get wet then go back to the original color when they're dry. They also have raincoats to match. Campbell thinks this umbrella is so cool and honestly, I do too.

Activity Book-Amazing Mazes - This book looks really fun. It comes with a dry erase marker so kids can find their way through the different mazes in the book, then wipe clean and start all over again!

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car - This is one of the top 5 best gifts my kids have ever received. Campbell got it for his first Christmas when he was 9 months old and I'm not even kidding, he and Bennett both still play with it. Bennett likes to pretend like he's driving to get a lemonade and Campbell uses his tools to "fix" it. It comes in blue, red and pink and every kid I know who has this car is just as obsessed with it as my boys are.

Melissa and Doug Tabletop Easel - My boys really enjoy writing and coloring on dry erase boards. Campbell's preschool teachers have mentioned that using a dry erase board is good practice for writing their letters so I got this for him. It has a chalkboard on the other side and a paper roll so they can color as well.

Headphones - I got these headphones for when we are on road trips and both kids are watching their iPads. It's more of a gift for myself so I don't have to listen to one iPad playing Paw Patrol and the other playing Mickey, (haha!) but I think the boys are really going to think the headphones are cool!

Aden and Anais Dream Blanket - When you have a tiny little baby it can be hard to come up with gift ideas for them so I always suggest an Aden and Anais Dream Blanket. These blankets are THE BEST. I got one for Campbell for his first Christmas and loved it so much I made sure to get one for Bennett before he was even born! These blankets have become their special blankets and they sleep with them every night. They're the perfect size and weight and come in several different patterns for you to choose from. I love curling up in it myself and they actually make one for adults that I've been wishing to have for several years now. I tell Scott every Christmas that I want one--maybe this will be the year! If you're interested in the grown-up version just click HERE.

Jellycats + Matching Books - Jellycats are the best stuffed animal there is. They are SO soft and cuddly AND most of them have a touch and feel book to match. This is a great gift for a little one. We have so many Jellycats and the matching books. My boys have loved them over the years and even Bennett still enjoys reading the books.

Wooden Toy Camera - We have a wooden camera and it's such a simple toy but my kids love it and have continued to play with it for years.

Toy Roller Coaster - This toy is a big, big hit at our house. A 10 foot long ride on roller coaster. Any time we play outside we pull this out and the boys play with it over and over.

B. Toys Magnetic Drawing Board - We've had this toy since Campbell was one year old and it gets played with every day by both boys. One of the top 5 toys in our house, no question.

House Slippers - You can never go wrong with house slippers! My boys love wearing furry animals on their feet. I personally think Restoration Hardware Baby and Child has the most adorable slippers available!

Radio Flyer My First Wagon - It seems really simple but this toy is always a hit. Honestly, I've found that the simplest toys tend to be the most played with.

Play Kitchen - We got the boys a play kitchen for Christmas last year and it was a fantastic decision. They play with it every single day. I personally love the kitchen we got them. We did a Pottery Barn one and went with the Charlie Kitchen. It's perfect for boys from an aesthetic stand point. It was a splurge but it was worth it considering how frequently they play with it. By the time our 3rd baby is done with it, I have a feeling it will get years and years and years of play.

Melissa and Doug Cookie Set - Speaking of play kitchens, this little accessory has been our most popular. I actually got this for Campbell before he turned one and we didn't even have a play kitchen but he and Bennett both have loved this little cookie set. I pick it up off the floor every day and have for about 4 years now.

Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter - This scooter is so popular in our house that we had to have one for each kid. It comes in several different colors and is the highest rated scooter for 2-5 year olds. We got one for both boys for their 2nd birthday and they never get tired of riding it.

Fisher Price Learning Table - This toy is great for the little bitty ones. So many different buttons, sounds, songs and things to flip. The legs can come off for when your baby is just sitting up and once they can stand, assisted or unassisted, you can put the legs on the table for them.

Microwave Toy - This toy. It's beloved by every kid that I've ever known to come into contact with it.

Cardboard Playhouse - My Mom picked this up for the boys to play with over Thanksgiving and it was such a huge hit. They had fun coloring it and even more fun playing inside of it. The playhouse was super easy to assemble and it withstood getting knocked down several times by a couple of rowdy boys. It may not last forever, but the price is hard to beat and it's a unique gift that will entertain your kids with crafting and imagination play!

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