Tuesday, December 18, 2018

31 Weeks

Size of Baby: Close to 17.5 inches and 3.5 pounds. Bennett was 17.5 inches when he was born and my pregnancy app says this baby has reached his birth height or is close to reaching it. We shall see!

How I'm Feeling: Worn out. I tend to waddle by the end of the day. I am beginning to experience contractions like crazy. I took the boys to Target this morning thinking it would be an easy task and it wore me out so bad I had to come home and lay down right after.

Cravings/Appetite: No changes here. Still love water, grapes and blueberry mini muffins. Yum.

Clothes: I finally broke down and bought 4 maternity shirts. I just need more length in my tops. I have a few sweaters that are long but I needed some basic blouses to be able to layer with other things. I know it's kind of late in the game to buy maternity but I figure I have at least 6 weeks to go and since my wardrobe is getting more limited, I wanted to buy myself a few staple pieces to get me through the end here.
Movement: This little man is slowing down in there. It seems kind of early for that to happen but maybe it's not. I know they slow down towards the end because they start to run out of room but I can't remember how soon they start to do that. I can most definitely tell he is head down and while I was laying down this morning after my Target run, I could feel his whole body inside of me. I know that probably doesn't make sense but since you usually just feel limbs or a head or bottom, being able to just really get a sense and feel for his whole entire body was really neat. I must have been laying just right and he was wiggling a certain way for me to be able to tell.

Changes in Me: I haven't been sleeping great. I'm super tired but the weight of my belly is uncomfortable now. We were in Little Rock over the weekend and the bed in the room I sleep in is one of those sleep number type beds. I was able to sleep with my head and feet elevated and it was heaven. It took the pressure off my mid-section and didn't hurt when I tossed and turned. I've tried to imitate sleeping like that in my own bed and using pillows to prop me up just doesn't even come close to being the same. I can't wait to go back for Christmas so I can sleep in that bed again. Ha!

Baby Purchases: Several things! Two swaddles, one of those Copper Pearl 4 in 1 covers, and a few outfits. I finally found a little coming home outfit and it came in the mail yesterday. It's perfect for my winter baby and exactly what I was looking for! I'm worried it may be a tiny bit too big. It's smaller than Campbell's newborn sized coming home outfit but a little bigger than Bennett's preemie outfit. We'll make it work!
Favorite Moment This Week: We finally purchased the nursery! I ended up going a different route than what I had initially had in mind because the furniture I wanted suddenly was backordered. Since this is my last baby I really wanted to embrace the baby-ness and go with soft blue and white but what we got will really grow with him better so it's definitely more practical. It's still going to be really soft and neutral but the art makes it a little more big boy and is something he'll love for years and years. A lot of it should arrive tomorrow and I bet we'll get the furniture delivered the week after Christmas! I'm very ready to get that room done so I can start washing baby clothes and get everything organized. It will make me feel much more prepared for this baby's arrival!

Looking Forward To: This last week before Christmas. Our last Christmas as a family of four. Next Christmas with three boys sure will be fun and this baby will be almost one year old next Christmas! Crazy!!

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