Monday, December 17, 2018

Eight More Sleeps Until Christmas!

I read an article on Facebook that talked about Moms being the holiday magic makers and I thought to myself "well if that isn't the truth I don't know what is." I don't think a single day has gone by this month that I haven't had a Christmas job to tackle. I have stayed up until almost midnight too many nights to count. I've been trying my best all month long to get everything done so I can actually enjoy Christmas day and the few days before it. I look back on last year and can remember being just frantic trying to get everything done and even feeling frantic on Christmas day too. It's exhausting and I just want to sloooooow down this year. Especially being pregnant because let's face it--being pregnant and doing all the things is no easy feat. It's so important to me to take a step back and enjoy my little family of four during the holidays. This time, while my boys are little and the magic of Christmas is at it's pinnacle, is fleeting. I want to soak it up and make sweet memories. I'm hoping that by the time Friday rolls around, I will have no errands to run, no grocery list, no presents to wrap, no gifts to purchase....I want it done so I can enjoy my boys!
I'm trying to think ahead of how I can make things easier (on me!!) this year. A few nights ago Scott and I spent an hour and a half getting toys out of boxes and getting them assembled. That's something we most likely would have waited until Christmas Eve to do and I'm so glad it's already done! Side note: why do they make toys SO hard to get out of boxes?
We always bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve but it's never enjoyable because we have so much to do on Christmas Eve that it always feels so rushed and crazy. This time we're going to bake Santa's cookies on the 23rd so we can take our time and have fun with it. Little things like that, that may not seem a big deal, are going to be things that will allow Christmas to feel more enjoyable and less crazy for me.
And even though all that holiday magic making can be exhausting, I do love it so much. I'm getting sad that Christmas is just a week away because then it's over!! I love my Christmas decorations in my house and around town. Listening to holiday music, dressing the boys in festive Christmas clothes, watching Christmas movies and shopping for those I's so fun! The anticipation is so enjoyable and then it's over. Sad. 
I can't wait for Christmas morning with these boys! It gets more fun every year. We have an advent calendar which is basically just a Santa countdown calendar for Campbell. Every morning the absolute very first thing he does is move that Santa over. It really makes it fun for us too because he's able to get a grasp on how close Christmas is. My boys will sleep until 7:00 but I won't be surprised if I'm the one waking up at 5:30 with excitement!! When is Christmas more fun? As a child or as a parent watching your child? Tough choice!

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