Thursday, December 13, 2018

Gift Guide For Her

Alright ladies, I've been working on this for a while! A gift guide for her. These are all items that I love. So get ready because here are 20 items you need to ask for yourself or give to someone you love for Christmas!! Click the title to get the link.

Pottery Barn Blanket - I raved about a similar version of this blanket last year. This one is a little different but equally as comfy. My entire family is obsessed. My dogs lay on it every night while they sleep and my kids have taken it over during the day. I rarely get to cuddle up with it myself but when I do, it's like I'm wrapped up in a warm cloud. A must have.

Stud Earring Set - Tell your husband you need these earrings! They are a perfect little stocking stuffer. All of the stones are a pretty color and they're just fun to have. You can never have too many dazzling stud earrings!

Tory Burch Robinson Tote - If you want an all around great handbag, go with Tory's Robinson Tote. I have a few and I never get tired of them. They're just a big open tote and can carry everything you need and more. The size is perfect and the pockets on the inside are well thought out. You'll have this bag for years and years and years.

MAC Lip Gloss - I love MAC lip gloss and this nude, mini kit is perfect. You can try out several shades and anything mini is always fun. Another great stocking stuffer!

Williams Sonoma Kitchen Essentials Kit - This is a great gift for so many! Teacher, secret Santa, co-worker, etc. I got one for my Grammy for Christmas. She always insists on not getting her anything but I enjoy getting her a small little something every year. I absolutely love the Williams Sonoma dish and hand soap. It smells wonderful and this little gift set is perfect! The price point is good and I know anyone who receives it will love it. I linked the Winter Berry scent because it's my personal favorite but they have other scents as well.

Gap Supersoft Pajamas - The only pajamas I wear. They feel like butter on your skin. I am obsessed and Scott knows he can always count on getting me a new pair of these if he needs a gift idea because I can never have too many!! They are a mixture of silky and soft. They are lightweight so I don't get hot in them. The pants have a band around the ankles so they don't ride up and get twisted on my legs throughout the night. The perfect pajamas and so many different colors and patterns. I linked the tops and you can click HERE for the link to the pants. I wear a Medium for size reference. These are a must have ladies. Trust me. I know there are a lot of people out there who don't like to sleep in pants. I get it, I used to be one of them. Until I found these.

Monat Hair Care - Even if I didn't sell it I would still say this. Monat shampoos and products are the best I've ever used. I've been in the hair business for 13 years. I know hair products and these are the best! The products last about 4 months and you will love the results you get from simply switching your shampoo to Monat.

Z Zoned Dough Pillow - This pillow puts all the other pillows out there to shame. We got talked into this pillow when we bought a new mattress for our new house and oh my stars is it comfy. The moment Scott and I laid our heads on it we were in awe. It says it's lavender infused but I have never smelled lavender. I think you have to use the spray it comes with to make it smell like lavender which I've never done. Give someone the beautiful gift of sleep with the worlds most comfortable pillow.

Lou & Grey Plush Sweatpants - I've talked about how much I love these sweatpants several times on here. I am seriously so obsessed and have them in every color. They're more tailored so I don't feel like I look sloppy when I wear them. I can pair them with a sweater or a soft tee and scarf and feel pulled together and cute. They are incredibly comfortable and an absolute must have. They run big so size down.

Kate Spade Lunch Kit - If you know someone who has to take their lunch to work, gift them with this adorable lunch kit! There are also thermoses and tumblers to match.

Lifestyle New Balance's - If you don't own any Lifestyle New Balance shoes you need to. I consider them a wardrobe staple. The lifestyle shoes are a sleeker more tailored design instead of a your typical chunky sneaker. They look great with skinny jeans, leggings, sweaters, scarfs, button downs and cardigans. These shoes can and should be dressed up! Think J.Crew when you go to pull your wardrobe together with your lifestyles. I have a lot of different colors and wear them all throughout the fall and winter. There are so many to choose from. Have fun with your color choice!

Freshly Picked Backpack - This backpack is amazing and Nordstrom calls it their best seller. This gift is perfect for a young mom but not just for a young mom. It's great for anyone! I've been telling my mom she needs one for herself, especially for when she travels. I love having a nice backpack and being hands free. The design is stylish and sleek and the bag allows for enough room to hold all the things.

Floral Food Storage Containers - I love these food storage containers from The Pioneer Woman. It's so fun to have pretty Tupperware and you can't beat this price!

C.C. Beanies Touch Gloves - I gave these gloves as gifts for several people last year. They're 5 finger tech touch so you don't have to take the gloves off to use your phone. I have some myself and they are wonderful and also really cute too!

Laura Mercier Eye Palette - I love a good eye palette and this is one I've repeatedly gotten for myself for several years now. The colors are beautiful featuring warm and cool colors and also deep and light shades. No matter your skin tone, this works for everyone.

Advanced Relief Healing Lotion - Okay I feel kind of funny putting this on my gift list but people ask me about this lotion all the time. I posted on my Instagram stories a while ago about how this is the only lotion I have found that heals my dry, cracked hands in the winter. I used to suffer horribly from cracked hands. They would bleed they were so bad. I tried everything in the world and almost went to a dermatologist. But I took to Dr. Google first to try to figure out exactly what ingredient I needed to really help heal my hands and found that this was one lotion on the market that had that specific ingredient in it. So I bought it and have never had trouble with my hands since. I just put it on every night before bed. If you know someone who suffers from dry, cracked hands in the winter (or who has a job where they have to wash their hands a lot) get this for them! They will hug you for the results it gives them.

Plaid Fringe Wrap - Give me all the wraps and ponchos this season! Maybe it's the bump or maybe it's because they're just cute. Whatever it is, I can't get enough of them. Anyone can wear these and since they're one size fits all, you don't have to worry about getting the right size for someone. Skip the obvious gift--the scarf--and get them a wrap instead!

The North Face Fur Hat - I got this for my MIL for her birthday and I love it so much I really want one for myself. It's not your typical knit beanie. It's furry and soft and looks soooo warm. I tried it on and loved the look of it. It can be casual or dressy and well, basically I want this for Christmas myself.

Euna Mae's Cookbook - I love this cookbook. The recipes are easy and delicious and the writer lives right here in Northwest Arkansas. If yummy Southern comfort food is your thing, this cookbook is for you.

Southern Living Highball Glasses - Is it strange to love drinkware as much as I love these specific glasses? When we were getting our house ready for the Parade of Homes, our decorator went to Dillards and bought tabletop d├ęcor to stage our breakfast table. She got these glasses and I really liked the looks of them so I decided to keep them. I wasn't prepared to enjoy drinking out of them as much as I do. I know that sounds so odd but I love drinking out of these glasses. Pretty glasses, nice to drink out of? Check!

So there you have it. Twenty of some of my favorite things. I hope this helps some of you who need ideas for yourself or others! Merry Christmas!!

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