Tuesday, January 22, 2019

36 Weeks

Officially nine months pregnant and feeling it in every sense of the way. The baby is low. I'm having contractions every day and my belly is so sore because of it. I have a lot of energy though! I'm getting caught up on a lot of things and doing anything and everything I can now, to make my life easier for when the baby gets here. The boys and I spend most of our time at home. We don't get out much anymore. It's just too hard. I don't even leave the house most days. I don't mind it though. I'm taking advantage of our time home by nesting, organizing, and keeping our home extra tidy. Also, lots of snuggles, watching movies and playing with new Christmas toys. Soaking up this time with my two boys before we add another to the mix!!
Size of Baby: Well if he's gaining an ounce a day like the average baby does, based on his weight we got last week, he should weigh 6 pounds even tomorrow!

How I'm Feeling: I really feel pretty good. I can't believe how much energy I have. I think my biggest complaint is how sore my belly is from contractions and also round ligament pains in the middle of the night. I'm not sleeping real great. It's not horrible but it seems like every time I change positions it wakes me up. I just feel like a turtle on it's back when I try to move in bed and I have to grab my sheets and blankets and use them to pull myself up to a seated position, otherwise I'm just stuck. I'm also sending Scott to run a lot of errands because getting out and walking around, even if it's just through Target, is kind of too much for me these days. Overall though, I can't complain too much. I move slower but I've still got quite a bit of pep in my step!

Cravings/Appetite: I never want dinner. Sometimes I eat it and sometimes I don't.
Clothes: Since I'm spending most of my days at home without leaving the house, I'm obviously opting for comfort. I should probably start thinking about what I want to wear when I'm in the hospital and set it aside. I've bought a lot of Lou and Grey this pregnancy. Everything is so comfortable and will be great for postpartum.

Movement: Big movements but definitely slowing down. He really feels like he's just run out of room though. I honestly can't imagine him getting too much bigger. It doesn't seem like it's possible!!!

Changes in Me: Just a lot of contractions. I have definitely felt very different since Sunday. I don't know what it means....but something is definitely going on in there!
Baby Purchases: I purchased "the blanket" for him last week. All of my boys have one. It's the blanket I get for them before they're born and it becomes THE blanket. The one they sleep with, snuggle with and take everywhere. Campbell and Bennett's are both Aiden + Anais dream blankets and I love them. They're the perfect size and weight. I have searched all of the A+A dream blankets for months now and just haven't been in love with any of the patterns. So I decided to check out the Little Unicorn quilts and found one I loved so I got that instead. It's literally identical in size, texture and weight to Aden + Anais dream blankets. This blanket is super cute and I know it sounds silly but it was kind of an important purchase because I know he will keep, love, and tote it around for many years to come.

Favorite Moment This Week: Our "snow day" we had on Saturday. We didn't get much snow but the boys still loved it. It's the first Saturday in I don't know how long that everyone in our family lounged around and did nothing. We didn't leave the house since the roads were a little slick so we ate comfort food, watched movies and built a mini snowman. It was great!
Looking Forward To: Honestly? Seeing if I have another bump-date. I'm questioning if I'll make it to 37 weeks. I really hope I do but with the way I'm feeling, I'm not so sure. We shall see!!

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