Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday's Four

Happy Friday! This week went by fast. I am done with all of my nesting and now I don't know what to do with myself. My house is clean and organized and it feels great! I wish I always had the urge to be as tidy as I am right now. I am definitely a neat freak and I've always said I would love to be a professional organizer for a living. But you know....eventually things find their way out of place and clutter tends to happen and a few times a year you just need to purge and organize. It feels great to have everything back in order. It hasn't looked this good since our house was in the parade of homes in June!! Ha! Here's a few things for Friday...
I got my haircut yesterday. It always feels so good to get a haircut. I just did a little trim but I wanted to make sure I took care of it before the baby arrived. I always pre-book ahead of time and when I booked this appointment after my last appointment in October, I remember thinking how I would be soooo pregnant. I pre-booked again for April. I sent Scott a text with the date and time and told him to clear his calendar so I could get my haircut while he watched the baby (the boys will be in school)! I have a feeling it will be my first time away from baby because when you're nursing a little baby, even if you have plenty of milk stored away, everyone is scared to keep the baby because their boobs don't have milk in them. I've never understood this but trust me, it's how it works. 
I don't know if I've ever shared our powder bathroom on here before. I put this photo on my Insta Stories a few weeks ago and got a lot of questions about the walls. It isn't wallpaper. It's a four layer plaster with a metallic finish. There is a lady who lives here that does all kinds of incredible work not just on walls but cabinets, ceilings, name it. She had dozens and dozens of samples of her different types of wall designs and this is what we chose and I absolutely love it. Its one of my favorite rooms in our house. 
Campbell was soooooo happy to be back at school this week. He has always said "I not-can-lieve it" instead of I cannot believe it and I love it so much I just can't bare to correct it. The whole way to school on Monday he kept saying "I not canlieve I get to see my friends today! I not canlieve it!" He has one little friend that he is super tight with and has been since his 3 year old class. They are stuck like glue and I love their little friendship. He was sooooooooo excited to see her and said on our way to school "I bet she's taller now." LOL. 
Yesterday Bennett walked up to Scott and I and said "Bampbell's in trouble." Scott said "no Campbell isn't in trouble" and Bennett said "Mmm hmm he isn't listening to me." Ha! What a mess. This week he also asked me to open up my tummy so he could see the baby. Bennett is baby obsessed. He's going to be such a great big brother. When I first was pregnant I was so worried about Bennett because he has always seemed to enjoy being the baby in the family. The only thing I'm worried about now is how often he's going to want to hold the baby. I have a feeling it will get annoying!! Ha! 

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