Thursday, January 10, 2019

Time To Take It Easy

Yesterday ended up being unexpectedly stressful. On Tuesday morning, after my workout, I noticed I was having some mild contractions and kind of just felt as if I overdid it. I took it pretty easy the rest of the day and didn't really think a whole lot about it. However, when I woke up the next morning I noticed I was still having contractions and they seemed to be fairly consistent. They also felt like real contractions, not Braxton Hicks. I texted my OB (what do people do who aren't friends with their OB? Ha! I can't even tell you how thankful I am for my sweet friend who just so happens to be my OB as well!!) and told her what was going on and asked her if I should be alarmed or no. She told me to get to the ER so I showered and headed that way. Scott stayed home with the boys and told me to keep him updated on everything.
While I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for a nurse to come get me, I started timing my contractions. They were exactly two minutes apart and getting really strong. That's when I started getting concerned. The nurse came and got me and I told her what all was going on so they got me in a room, hooked me up to some monitors, and checked me. I was dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced which I knew wasn't a big deal being my 3rd pregnancy. I was actually relieved that's all it was. The consistent, getting even stronger contractions, that were just two minutes apart were my biggest concern. She watched me for an hour to see what the monitors would pick up so I just hung out for a bit. But like clockwork, every 2 minutes on the dot, came the contractions.
They watched me for a while and decided to give me a terb shot to calm down my uterus. They wanted to then watch me for another hour to see if they needed to give me some steroids for the baby's lungs but everything calmed down enough to where they didn't feel like they needed to do that. After a few hours of being there I was finally able to go home. I was actually still in quite a bit of pain for the rest of the day but thankfully when I woke up this morning I felt a lot better.
I guess I was just having pre-term contractions and apparently it's not that uncommon. A lot of women experience it and go on to full-term. My doctor is guessing I probably just overdid it on Tuesday and was maybe a little dehydrated. I've been a little on edge ever since though and Scott and I are so worried that he's going to come before 37 weeks. I said to Scott last week that I felt really similar to how I felt with Campbell and Bennett about 1.5-2 weeks before they were born. Plus this baby dropped earlier than C&B did and I just overall feel exactly like I did really close to their delivery. Maybe it's just a 3rd pregnancy thing....I have no idea. But ever since I've started feeling this way it's had me a little cautious. And then with everything that happened yesterday now I'm really on edge.
I haven't been put on bedrest but I have been instructed to take it really easy. I definitely notice a difference when I start doing too much. I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday and I am really anxious for it. My OB said the baby looked great on the monitor while I was at the hospital and that he's still high so that's good. I know he'd be okay if he were to be born soon but I really, really, really want him to cook for a few more weeks.
Third pregnancy and definitely haven't ever experienced anything like that before! The contractions were really strong and I felt pretty rough all day yesterday. I'm so thankful that I feel better today though and that I still have a baby in my belly. I won't even pretend like I'm not going to be concerned every single day now that he's going to come. I feel like I will be so cautious for the next 2 weeks. Maybe I'll feel a little more at peace once I see his little face during the ultrasound and if anything has changed on Monday. I'm so ready to meet this little man really soon.....just not too soon!!

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