Tuesday, January 8, 2019

34 Weeks

Week 34 and the reality that he could be here in as early as 3 weeks is settling in. I still have quite a few things to check off my to-do list before he arrives but I've also accomplished a lot as well. I'm not super crazy busy like I have been which is such a nice change. I'm taking things slow and easy for the most part. I have been continuing my workouts but unfortunately I think it's time for me to stop. I got on the elliptical yesterday and started having contractions so after 15 minutes I hopped off. I tried again today and even though I wasn't having contractions while I was on the elliptical, I did start having some after my workout. It makes me sad to stop this early. I was hoping I could go all the way until the end, especially knowing I'll have to take time off for a few weeks after the baby is born. I just love starting my day with a good cardio workout and I've been doing it almost daily for almost 3 years now. It's hard to stop because I just don't like how it makes me feel to not break a sweat every day. But I've got to listen to my body so it is what it is. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt a little walk and see what that does and if that doesn't seem to bother anything I'll just do that instead. It's better than nothing! If a walk makes me have contractions then I give up!! 

Size of Baby: Almost 5 pounds and 18 inches tall and it definitely feels like that's probably pretty accurate.

How I'm Feeling: I'm still feeling really, really great. I'm sleeping well and my back isn't hurting me. I'd say this is the best I've ever felt this late into any of my pregnancies. I have a lot of energy and I just feel really good overall.

Cravings/Appetite: I'm beginning to lose my appetite. I wondered when it would happen because it always does for me at the end. I am just never hungry anymore, especially for dinner. And right now it seems like the only things I want to eat are salads and blueberry muffins.

Clothes: Still able to wear pretty much everything I want. Some things are a lot more flattering than others, obviously. Sweaters tend to look the best so that's what I'm mostly wearing right now.
Movement: His movements just feel so big now. It almost seems crazy that a baby this big is in my belly. I know he still has a lot of growing to do but he feels so big in there!! His movements are all over the place. Last night I felt a little arm or something really, really far over on my right side. I didn't even know babies could be that far over on the side!

Changes in Me: I do something towards the end of every pregnancy that I never remember until I'm near the end of my pregnancies--my vision gets weird. My eyes get jumpy and fuzzy and putting in my contacts bothers my eyes so bad. I've been wearing my glasses a lot and Bennett doesn't like it! He always says "momma take those off so I can see you." I actually had my yearly eye doctor appointment last week and my vision hasn't changed and he said he doesn't see anything wrong with my eyes. It's obviously just some weird pregnancy side effect that happens to me.

Baby Purchases: Last night Scott said "there's an Amazon box on the porch. What is it?" And my answer was "who knows.....could be anything." I think of something and I order it on Amazon before I forget! Nothing fun.....just essentials. Although I did buy a sweet little 3-6 month Kissy Kissy summer romper and it just came in the mail today! I really don't need much for him at all, obviously. But I am stranded in the newborn clothes and 3-6 month clothes department for him because the seasons won't match up with Campbell and Bennett's clothes. A fun excuse to purchase some baby clothes that I actually do need!!

Favorite Moment This Week: Decorating the nursery!! It made me so excited for this baby's arrival. I think because it just made it all feel so much more real. The nursery is almost done and I can't wait to show you guys. I think it may be my favorite nursery we've done.
Looking Forward To: My doctor appointment on Monday. I'm having an ultrasound and I'm so curious to see what it reveals. My OB wanted me to do one since I've gone into labor at 37 weeks with Campbell and Bennett. She just wants to check his weight and see what everything is looking like in there. Every few days I can tell when I wake up in the morning that he's dropped a little bit lower and I'm feeling like I'm following the exact same pattern as I did with Campbell and Bennett--maybe even a tiny bit earlier than with them. I know the ultrasound will reveal a lot about what all is going on and I am so looking forward to what it will say!!

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