Monday, January 7, 2019

Last Week Of Winter Break

Happy Monday! One more week until my boys go back to school and life gets back into a normal routine. I've got to admit--our time off hasn't been bad at all! Normally I am so bored and needing a major break from my two tiny people that I love with all my heart but this time it's been good! I've enjoyed our lazy days at home. We haven't done much and it's been kind of nice and honestly, I think we all needed it a little bit. I know the boys are so ready to go back to school though. They both keep talking about their friends a lot and that's when I know they're missing their people and ready to see them.
The weather was nice here over the weekend so we took advantage of it and played outside. We got a few outside toys for Christmas and this weekend was the first time the boys have been able to play with them because it had been way too cold to be outside. It felt so good to be outside and get some fresh air. Sometimes I get so busy and forget to go outside when we have nice winter days. I need to be better about that this year.
Something else I did this weekend? Decorate the nursery! I can't even tell you how much more at peace I feel now that, that room is (almost) finished. I also had a lot of pictures that I needed to get hung up all over my house that we've just put off doing. And by we I mean Scott. Scott loathes doing stuff like that (even though he's really good at it!!) so I texted one of the Bassett guys who hung all of the other pictures around our house and asked him if he would come do it. Ha! After we got all of the nursery art hung and the furniture where we wanted it, I went down to Bassett and had our decorator help me finish the nursery. Here's a little sneak of the space!
It doesn't look anything like I had initially in my mind wanted to do when I found out we were having another boy. I imagined doing something really different than this but I love, love how it's looking. Honestly, even when they delivered the furniture last week and I started getting it set up I was regretting what I had picked out. But once Marla helped me finish the space, I am so pleased with the way it's coming together. I feel like it's a very different nursery than anything we've done in the past. Trying to come up with different ways to decorate three different boys rooms is really hard! (Related: it's also hard coming up with three different boy names). But I think we've done a good job of making each of the boys rooms unique and different from one another while still having their bedrooms coordinate with our entire home and keep with our personal style. I'm so excited to completely finish the space and once my last Restoration Hardware order comes in, we'll be all set! Can't wait to show you guys!!

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