Thursday, January 3, 2019


I feel like I'm in a holidaze. I don't know what day it is or what I'm supposed to do with my life right now. We don't have much of a routine going on since the boys are out of school so we're just a little bit off. Campbell commented on how bored he was and I couldn't agree more! I think we're all ready for life to feel back to normal. Just another 10 days to go before that happens!!
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I must admit it feels really nice for life to be a little slower right now. At times I love being busy but sometimes I just need a break. I haven't pulled my camera out since Christmas. Photography is probably my favorite thing ever but I always need a break from it after Christmas. Between my fall family sessions and wanting to take a lot of seasonal photos of my own family, I just need a break from it. 
Right now I'm spending my days doing as much baby prepping as I can. I've officially washed all of the little newborn clothes I have. They're folded neatly in drawers and hanging in the closet and they're so sweet. I've definitely reached the point where I'm almost in a daze and can't believe this is about to happen. I have gotten that way with each pregnancy. It's almost bittersweet. You kind of want to hold on to the way life is currently because it's all really good this way. Then you're just so incredibly excited about loving a new person with every bone in your body and you can't wait to feel that love and meet that person. After Campbell was born, I was so overwhelmed and incredibly anxious and stressed. In hindsight I know my hormones were off but I didn't know it at the time. I was so worried I would feel that way after Bennett was born but it was the complete opposite. I was euphoric and having two babies to love was the happiest I've ever been in my life. I hope my hormones do me a favor and I have that euphoric feeling again this time. I still smile when I look back on those weeks and remember how happy I was and how sweet that time was for us. 
Scott asked me if I was nervous and I didn't even hesitate to say no. Third time around and I feel like I've got this gig down by now. I'm hoping I don't get thrown any curveballs but assuming all goes as it should, I think we're going to be good. At this point a week may as well feel like a minute to me. Time is flying by and I feel like this baby is going to be in my arms before I know it. Until then, I'm going to be okay with our boring days....even if Campbell isn't. 

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