Tuesday, January 1, 2019

33 Weeks

Happy New Year! 2019 in this house is known as the year of baby boy number 3. We have been excited for January 1 to arrive for a long time. Even though he isn't due until February, I really have a feeling he's going to be a January baby. If he wants to wait until February to arrive that is A-OK though! Scott hopes he'll be a February baby because he just thinks it seems like a nice month to have a birthday. I'm indifferent but I would prefer he stay put until at least January 30. Scott and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 24th and thinking on future vacations (we always try to take one on our anniversary) I would love to have several days after the 24th to be able to travel because I don't think I could ever be away from my kids on their birthday! Probably silly to even think about that but it's something that's come across my mind. 
At this point I feel like his arrival is fast approaching and I hardly have any time left. I'm beginning to feel nostalgic about never being pregnant again. Even though it's easy to focus on how hard pregnancy can be, overall it's so incredibly amazing and the fact that I'll never experience it again is a little sad to me. I'm trying to be really present these last few weeks. I'm really focusing on this baby and how amazing my body and big belly is and the fact that it's capable of growing a human. I'm enjoying moments to myself because it seems like those disappear for a long while once you have a new baby. I'm especially soaking in moments with my family the way we are now--before it changes forever. I know once he gets here we will wonder how we ever did life without him but for now, I'm savoring up the time where it's just me and my two boys doing our daily thing....just like we have the last 2.5 years wonderful years.
Size of Baby: Almost birth height! Between 17-19 inches tall and about 4.5 pounds. If I had to guess myself I'd say 16 inches tall and a little over 4 pounds.

How I'm Feeling: I feel wonderful! This sweet boy did me a favor by dropping over the weekend and now I feel great! Seriously, no complaints at all. Sleeping so good, my back doesn't hurt me, I can bend over with much more ease and I have so much more energy. Baby's dropping = a pregnancy gift. I was absolutely miserable over the Christmas days so I feel like I've done a 180 and I'm thankful for how good I feel now.
Cravings/Appetite: I watched a Netflix documentary over the weekend and it's made me re-think everything I eat. I've been eating a really clean diet ever since (organic, hormone free, etc) because it totally disturbed me!

Clothes: Nothing new here. I'm still wearing all of my regular stuff. I do love my 4 maternity shirts that I recently purchased, my Lou & Grey sweats are my favs and I typically pair them with a cozy, non-maternity sweater. I wear sneakers most days. You'll most likely only find me in a heel on a Sunday!

Movement: Such big movements. He is starting to feel really big in there!! This little guy does something my other two didn't--he'll move all to one side and my stomach will be angled, always on the right side. It just feels like I've got a real baby in there now. I know that may seem strange to say, because of course I do, but the bigger they get the more real it all feels.

Changes in Me: The biggest thing is just that he's dropped. It was confirmed at my doctor appointment yesterday. And I'm not measuring ahead anymore since he's more settled into my pelvis now which I thought may be the case. I don't feel like I've grown just a ton since my last appointment. I'm following the same pattern as my other two pregnancies and my OB is pretty certain this one will come early, just like his big brothers. She said most babies that go to their due date don't drop until weeks 35/36, so the fact that this little one already has is even more of an indicator that he'll be ready to meet us sooner rather than later! But hopefully not too soon. I looked back on my pregnancy updates with C & B and this one has dropped a little earlier than they did which, I must admit, makes me a little nervous.
Baby Purchases: I think I buy something off Amazon every day right now. Paci's, bottles....whatever pops into my mind at the time. Yesterday I went to Walmart and Target and stocked my house with toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries, paper plates, cups, disposable casserole dishes, laundry detergent, trash bags and anything else you could possibly think of. I do this every time because for some reason it makes me feel better to have a house stocked full of every day needs + all the paper items so I don't have to do dishes. Tonight I went to Target and bought a new pump. I've researched the mess out of pumps and landed on the Medela Sonata. I'm excited to give it a try.

Favorite Moment This Week: Getting stuff done. I guess it's because the holidays are over but I finally feel like I have time to focus on nesting and I am on a mission! Everything is done with a sense of urgency now (who am I kidding, that's how I live my life in general) and if something doesn't get done, I feel super stressed. I feel like I have 2 weeks to get everything accomplished. I say 2 because I want to have a few weeks (whether it be 2 or 5) to just chill and not stress over my to-do list. So checking things off my to-do list feels good.
Looking Forward To: The nursery furniture being delivered tomorrow morning!! I am soooo ready to get this room put together. I can't believe how long I've put this off. I mean, it's fine--we have time--but I feel so unprepared with the room in it's current state. I will spend my day tomorrow washing all the little newborn clothes, folding them neatly, and placing them in drawers and I can't wait.

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