Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 | A Year In Review

This year was good to us. We experienced some big changes and they were all great things. Here's my year in review.
 January started out with Campbell suddenly becoming obsessed with puzzles. It is literally all he spent the month doing. All day, every day. He ended up becoming quite good at them, being able to work 100 piece puzzles all by himself! Bennett got his first haircut and at the end of the month, Scott and I spent a little weekend away for our 9th anniversary.
February felt crazy busy for both Scott and myself. With a big move the following month, we were spending all of our time getting everything prepped for that. It was stressful and exhausting and I'm not sure either of us have ever been busier! We made it though!
March is always a big month in our family. It's Ivy, Madison and Campbell's birthday month! This year we added a big move along with it. It all happened at the end of March. We moved into our house then 2 days later we celebrated Campbell's 4th birthday with friends. He had a Paw Patrol themed cookie and cupcake decorating party at Ricks Bakery and it was so fun! 
April was the month of trying to get settled into our new space. We did a lot of decorating and had a lot of people in and out of our house finalizing details in every aspect of the word!
May was one of my favorite months this year! May is the other "M" month that's big for our family with Bennett, Scott and myself all celebrating birthdays! At the beginning of the month we celebrated Bennett's 2nd birthday with a Mickey Mouse party! Bennett's love for Mickey has been solid and strong for all of 2018. The highlight of our month was our first family vacation to Disney World! We had the absolute best time and the boys still talk about it. We made the most wonderful memories and we all can't wait to go back! We're hoping for a 2019 trip!!
June was a really big month for Scott and I. We had been preparing for and talking about the Northwest Arkansas Parade of Homes for nearly a year and the time had finally come. The boys stayed with my parents in Little Rock while Scott and I had a couple thousand people come through our house that week. It was fun, exhausting and my house has never been cleaner! All of the hard work we put into it paid off because Scott won best kitchen, curb appeal, and overall at the awards ceremony. I was so proud of him! The day after the parade of homes was over, I found out I was pregnant!!! The highlight of our year for sure. At the end of the month I ran a 5k and finished with a time of 28:36. 
July brought morning sickness and a lot of it. The entire month was spent with me dying of exhaustion from growing a human and experiencing my 3rd bout of hyperemesis gravidarum. I basically slept the month away while my husband took care of our house and kids. I somehow managed to scruff up enough energy to potty train Bennett and my big boy had it down in two days making it easy on me.
August didn't bring any relief in the morning sickness department but we did let our big secret out of the bag! The boys went back to school and we finally broke Campbell's lifelong habit of sucking his a single day. Shock that it happened so easily would be the understatement of the year!
September came my halfway mark into pregnancy and finally a break in morning sickness. I remember the day I took the photo of the boys calling the hogs and finally feeling like myself again. Northwest Arkansas experienced a drop in temps early making the official start to fall actually feel like fall! 
October was all about fall leaves and football. All of our October weekends were spent on our back patio enjoying the gorgeous weather and our pretty surroundings. We took the boys to their first Razorback football game and they had a blast! We ended the month with a rainy trick-or-treat evening with friends. Campbell was a dragon and Bennett was a bat. 
November at our house was beautiful! Our yard turned every fall color imaginable and Scott and I gazed out of our windows in awe of the fall beauty surrounding us every single morning. We hosted our families at our house for Thanksgiving and I entered my 3rd trimester which made this pregnancy feel as if it was flying by at lightening speed.
December brought an addiction to my camera! Ha! I just couldn't get enough of the Christmas photos of my family. We spent our first Christmas in our new house and it made our home feel even more like home. The entire month was fun and filled with anticipation of the 25th. Our Christmas morning was magical and we loved getting to celebrate the holiday season with our entire family. 

Looking back on 2018, it really was a wonderful year for us! It has definitely been a busy year so hopefully 2019 will be a little more slow pace. Scott and I both could use a little break! The highlights of our year were moving into our new home, going to Disney World, and finding out we're adding another sweet boy to our crew! Campbell has changed a lot this year, becoming more interested in big boy things, carrying on conversations and loving and learning so much in his last year of preschool. Bennett went from still being a baby to now seeming like a big ol' toddler. He talks so well, got out of diapers and tickles us daily with his cute personality. Ivy is still a momma's girl and my constant shadow and Madison loves living in a house where squirrels and deer visit our back yard often. 
I'm always a little sad to say goodbye to another year. They seem to go by so fast these days. But, thankfully, every year for us seems to get better and better. I love watching my boys grow and I seem to find more and more ways to fall in love with my husband with each passing year. 
2018--our last year as a family of four! Come on 2019! We are so excited for what you're bringing us!!

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