Thursday, January 31, 2019

Wells | One Week In

Just thought I'd give a little update on life with Wells, one week in!
Wells is doing so great! He is nursing perfectly averaging about 7-8 minutes per session. I'm feeding him about 9 times a day right now. He is such a sleepy little nugget so if he isn't eating, he's sleeping. The only time he cries is when he's getting a diaper change or clothes changed. He doesn't appreciate being naked! I think he really loves being warm and toasty so I keep him covered up with his big, heavy blanket because it seems to make him happier. Just while I'm awake, of course. I'm aware of safe sleep practices :)
Wells poops and pees more than any baby I've had and has since we've been in the hospital with him. At his first pediatrician visit on Tuesday, he was only down 1 ounce since we had left the hospital. I was so pleased especially since I know he probably lost more the day we left because of his circumcision. His jaundice levels were good too. Our ped likes them to be under 21 and Wells was at a 16. We're going back tomorrow afternoon to check his weight and jaundice levels again. Hoping for more weight gain and lower jaundice levels!
A lot of people have asked me how the boys are adjusting and they're doing great! Campbell loves Wells and always calls him "baby Wells" never just Wells. He likes to hold him and he's so sweet and gentle. Bennett loves "the baby" too but he's far too busy in his little toddler life to spend too much time doting on him. I'm definitely being careful with everything because I know it can be a delicate time in their little worlds with all of these big changes. So we're just trying to keep everyone happy and give everyone a lot of attention. Overall though, the boys have done fantastic. I know they missed us a lot while we were in the hospital and my mom said they both cried a little bit but now that we're home they seem really happy and have eased into this new transition wonderfully.
Scott and I are doing good too! I really haven't needed his help at night so he's getting plenty of rest. Wells does like to sleep in my arms during the night. I've pretty much not gotten any sleep in the middle of the night but somehow I'm really not that tired. I usually don't get tired until week 3 so we'll see if that pattern works out the same with me this time. I'm definitely more patient and chill this time around. If Wells wants to sleep with me holding him, I just let him! I guess when it's your last baby you just look at things differently. I'm going to start scheduling and sleep training him in probably 5-6 weeks so I know sleep is in my near future. For now I'm being that cheesy mom and "enjoying the snuggles!" My main priority is making sure Wells packs on some weight so I'm just feeding as much as possible and holding my little babe in my arms, where he feels the safest. Everyone has always talked about how amazing third babies are and I am here to say that is truth!! I told Scott I am loving having an almost 5 year old, a 2 year old toddler, and a little newborn in our house. It's such a sweet time. I teared up yesterday just thinking about it. I know life will get more chaotic as Wells begins to wake up more and we loose my moms help, but I think we'll be okay. I just predict we won't really go anywhere for a while!! And I'm perfectly okay with that!

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