Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Life With Three

We aren't quite two weeks in and my mom just left today so I don't really feel like I can give a true assessment on what life with three kids is like but people keep asking so I'll give the low down so far! Ha!
So far, so good! You hear a lot of people say "three is a game changer" and you also hear "it's no different than two" and so far I'd put us in the later category. Wells is a good baby (please stay this way Wells!!) and Campbell and Bennett have adjusted great. It's so different this time because Campbell is basically 100% self sufficient whereas when Bennett was born Campbell had just turned two so he still needed help with everything. So having Campbell be able to do his own thing is helpful. And he helps do stuff for Bennett too like open snacks, get water, etc. Bennett has always been an independent little guy. He's always spent most of his time in the playroom and he doesn't care if someone is with him or if he's playing by himself. He still needs help doing a lot but as far as being entertained, he takes care of that all on his own.
As for me, I feel like I'm adjusting well! Wells is still in that stage where he basically sleeps all day so that's easy. When he wakes up more, we'll see what life will be like! I'm not as tired this time around as I was the other two times. I guess I've learned how to function on not much sleep even though I've always gotten a full nights rest. Sleep has definitely become less important to me as I've gotten older. I do look forward to Wells giving me just a 4 hour stretch of sleep. Right now he is still waking up every 2.5-3 hours but thankfully he is a very efficient eater so it doesn't take long to feed him then get back to sleep.
My biggest struggle right now is wanting to be in bed by 8:30 but not being able to because of all the things I have to get done before I go to bed. I start trying to do everything I can do early in the day but no matter what, there's always something that needs to get done, so I'm not able to crawl in bed as early as I want.
Overall I'm super pleased with how everything has gone so far. I feel great as far as recovery--this one has been my easiest to date. The boys have adjusted well and Wells is being a really good baby so far. Hopefully we'll continue on this path! I'm cautiously optimistic!!
Oh and here's a few pictures of Campbell and Wells. Campbell LOVES "baby Wells" soooo much. He has always been the best big brother. It's one of the things that makes me so proud of him. Bennett and Wells are so lucky to have Campbell as their oldest brother. I hope he always takes care of them the way he does now. I think he will.
I'm planning on sharing Wells' nursery on Friday so stay tuned! I love how his little room turned out.

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  1. Oh my gosh Kara, those photos are the absolute sweetest! His little feet and baby Wells looks so tiny in his little arms. Be still my heart. Glad things are going so well. 💜