Saturday, February 23, 2019

Wells | One Month Old

One whole month with our sweet little boy! I wouldn't necessarily say the month flew by but it definitely didn't drag along either. I'm still learning the in's and out's of life with three kiddos but I feel like I'm picking up on stuff quickly. I'm starting to figure out how and what I need to do to make life for myself easier. I've got an awesome teammate who has taken over my two big boys and a saint of a mother who has lived with us quite a bit this last month and I couldn't manage without either of them.
Here we go with the first of twelve monthly updates for our Baby Wells!
Weight: I won't know exactly until our weight check on Thursday but I wouldn't be surprised if he's 7 pounds now!

Height: Again, no idea. He was 18.25 inches when he was born and I have no idea how fast they grow in height but he's starting to fill his footie pajamas better so I definitely think he's gotten a little taller!
Sleep: Wells is an okay sleeper. I should probably give him more credit than that. He sleeps really good from about 9:00 PM until around 4/5 AM. When he wakes in the night to eat he eats (with his eyes closed!) then goes right back to sleep. When he wakes around 4/5 he's pretty awake and I have to hold him for a while. He goes around 3-3.5 hours between eating at night. He isn't a fan of the swaddle. Early in the night he's so ready for bed that he doesn't mind it but he starts protesting it pretty hard around that 4/5 time. I usually do away with it at that point but I like for him to wear it because of his startle reflux. Once he's asleep I feel like the swaddle helps him stay asleep longer. Wells is still sleeping in our room and I don't have any plans of kicking him out yet (even though I had kicked his older brothers out at this point!). Once he's down to just waking once a night to eat I'll probably move him to his room.

Eat: Wells eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day. He eats about 8-9 times a day right now and he's a great eater! It takes him about 8 minutes to take in a full feeding so he's pretty efficient! I've always done (since day 1) eat, wake, sleep so he knows right when he wakes up it's time to eat and I'm not kidding he figured that out when he was about 4 days old!

Clothes: Size preemie Kickee Pants pajamas. He has a few preemie outfits that fit him perfect and some newborn sized outfits that are a little big but we're able to make them work. He wears his kickee footies at night and we like to play dress up during the day and wear some of our cute winter outfits. On the days where we're home all day we typically wear our cozy Kickee coveralls and everything we have looks cute with our sweet crochet bonnets and Zutano fleece booties!
Diapers: Honest Newborns fit just right!

Likes: Mommy's milk, being held, being warm, the Solly wrap, the paci (took to it instantly without ever making a "what in the world is this?" face), skin to skin, car naps.

Dislikes: Being naked, the swaddle after several hours.

Milestones: Wells has definitely changed a little just in the last week. He's a little more awake now and he goes to sleep at night faster. He also doesn't scream every time we change his diaper anymore either!

Month One: What a sweet first month with our baby Wells. All I wanted to do the first two weeks was hold him and stare at him. I love the euphoric feeling you have those first few weeks of a new baby. It's the best feeling in the world. We may be a little tired, the house is a little messier than usual, and we move a little slow right now but overall I think we've done a great job of adjusting to all of our new changes this month.
All About Wells: Sweet baby Wells. He is a really good baby! He isn't as good of a baby as Bennett was but he's not too far off from it. My only complaint really is that he likes to be held a lot which can be inconvenient sometimes when I have a lot to do or want to shower and get dressed. Once I manage to get him to sleep he sleeps really great but sometimes he makes it known that he just wants to sleep in mommas arms thankyouverymuch. Overall he truly hardly makes a peep and I love this little angel so much my heart could burst. He is without a doubt the most popular person in our house right now! Everyone loves our sweet "Baby Wells!"

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